Red Hot

Red Hot
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ISBN:  9781780802688
Author:  Ray Gordon
Word Count:  94,098
Format:  eBook



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Her legs sagging, Perennial collapsed over the major's desk. Her buttocks ballooning, fully displayed below her raised skirt, she lay sprawled unceremoniously over the polished wooden desk, her feet wide apart. His heart racing, Bentley stood behind her, gazing in awe...

Sunnymead Holiday Camp is the ultimate haven of respectability and conservative values. However, sexual depravity lurks just under the surface.

So when God-fearing Bernard Bentley, the camp manager, tries to crack down on 'lewd' behaviour, the dam bursts as holidaymakers rebel and indulge in their long-forbidden urges.

Creeping past Delphine's chalet, Balforth looked through the window, his eyes widening as he focused on the young blonde. Standing naked, her back to the window, her feet wide apart, her hands flat on the floor, he could hardly believe his eyes. The girl's succulent vaginal lips clearly displayed between her curvaceous thighs, the alluring brown starfish of her bottom-hole crudely exposed, she needed a damned good fucking! he decreed. At least, he needed a damned good fucking!
   What was she up to? he wondered as his penis stiffened in anticipation of an anal rogering. Scrutinizing the delectable girl, he noticed that her wrists were handcuffed to her ankles. Was this some weird form of female masturbation? There was only one way to find out, he concluded, opening the door and slipping into the chalet.
   "Oh, Balforth!" Delphine cried, looking up at him from between her long legs.
   "Delphine, what on earth..."
   "Er... Miss Perennial has gone to find you. I'm to be caned for being rude to her."
   "Why are you naked and handcuffed?"
   "The humiliation, the degradation - it's all part of my punishment."
   "Whatever did you say to her to deserve this sort of treatment?" Balforth asked concernedly, mesmerized by the girl's sweet inner sex petals, emerging enticingly from her yawning vaginal slit.
   "I told her to fuck off."
   "She asked me to pull a wooden stick out of her bottom."
   "Good God, the woman's a fiendish nymphomaniac!"
   "It was the shock, you see. I don't normally tell people to fuck off."
   "I'm not surprised that you were shocked by her demeaning request."
   "Please cane me, Balforth! She'll be back soon, and unless I've been punished, there's no telling what she'll do to me."
   Rubbing his chin, Balforth pondered on the mysterious Delphine. She knew about the baton, so perhaps Perennial had asked her to slip it out of her bottom-hole. And perhaps Delphine had been genuinely shocked. Even though Perennial had apparently sent the girl to him for a caning before, to have him cane her again for her impertinence was unbelievable!
   The delectable Delphine hadn't yet enjoyed a damn good rogering, he reflected, running his finger up and down her gaping bottom crease. As far as he knew, apart from the spanking he'd administered, she'd had no sexual contact with anyone since her arrival at the camp. It was high time she was introduced to the old boathouse, he thought in his rising debauchery. But she was to endure a damned good buttock caning first.
   "The cane's over there, on the bed," Delphine said huskily, her long blonde hair veiling her pretty face as she lifted her head.
   "Is Miss Perennial coming back?" Balforth asked, grabbing the thin bamboo cane and standing behind the girl's alluring, bared buttocks.
   "No, she said that she'd send you here to cane me, and then I'm to report to her in the Hot Jungle Juice Bar. As proof of my punishment, I'm to show her the weals across my bottom."
   If the girl's story was true, why hadn't Perennial administered the caning herself? Balforth pondered. She'd certainly shown lesbian tendencies, he reflected, recalling the woman in the old boathouse with Tina. She'd delighted in having her cunt licked out by Tina, and she'd loved pushing her tongue into the girl's drenched vaginal sheath. But then, women moved in mysterious ways!
   There was no point in wasting time analysing the bizarre situation, Balforth decided, tapping Delphine's rounded buttocks lightly with the cane. Whether Perennial had ordered the girl to take her punishment or not didn't really matter. The point was that she was here in her naked glory, her hands cuffed to her ankles, completely at his mercy - his every dubious whim.
   Cupping Delphine's succulent pussy lips in the palm of his hand, Balforth waited for her reaction. Surely she wanted more than the cane? he pondered, slipping a finger between her hot, swollen sex cushions and massaging her moist valley. Either she was as innocent as the Virgin Mary, or the Devil's daughter! But which? About to drive his finger deep into her tight cunt to determine her true sexual leaning, Balforth jumped as the door opened and Perennial marched in.
   "Ah, Balforth," she grinned, closing and locking the door behind her. "I've been looking for you."
   "Yes, I... I..."
   "Delphine's obviously told you that she's to be caned for her insubordination."
   "Yes, yes she has."
   "Get on with it, then."
   "Yes, right."
   "I'll not tolerate young girls telling me to fuck off! You'll thrash her buttocks until she begs for mercy! That should put a stop to her continual defiance."
   "Isn't this somewhat unusual?" Balforth asked, wondering at the woman's latest transformation.
   "It's Mr Burnshaw's new rule. As Supervising Bluecoat, I'm to see that the female bluecoats are disciplined."
   Incredible, Balforth mused, raising the cane above his head. Perennial and her feigned fainting fits, her blatant exhibitionism, her lesbian session with Tina, ordering Delphine to pull the baton out of her arse, then have him thrash her... It just goes to show, he reflected. Talk about a dark horse. More like the Princess of Darkness!
  "Give the cane to me!" Perennial snapped, pulling him back from his reverie. "If you're not going to thrash her for her disobedience, then I will!"
   "Be my guest," Balforth grinned, passing her the cane and moving aside.
   Was this Perennial's true character? he wondered, watching the woman thrash the defenceless girl's naked buttocks. It certainly wasn't the old Perennial - Perennial the puritan! She'd metamorphosed from a shy prude to rampant nymphomaniac. Now this was something else - sadistic lesbian?
   The cane cracking loudly across Delphine's twitching bottom orbs, the girl cried out in her pain and pleasure as Balforth looked on in amazement. She'd be ripe for an anal fuck, he mused, watching thin pink weals spread out across her pale flesh like the leaves of a fern. Her cunt milk already spewing from her gaping vaginal slit and coursing down her thighs, she'd soon be ripe for anything.
   "Please, no more!" the quivering girl cried as Perennial administered her gruelling thrashing. "Please, stop!"
   "You'll take your punishment like the naughty little schoolgirl you are!" Perennial returned, much to Balforth's surprise.
   "No, I want to leave! I don't want to work here anymore!"
   "You'll never leave me!"
   Perhaps Delphine was an innocent little angel after all, Balforth reflected. Apart from the fact that she had a vibrator to appease her clitoris, perhaps she was as innocent as the driven snow. She'd seemed more than amenable to his first savage thrashing. But perhaps she really was just a sweet little girl, obediently complying with what she thought to be the established Fannymead punishment procedure.
   Whatever, he concluded, if she was going to leave the camp after her caning, it would be his last chance to have his wicked way with the little beauty. Whether or not Perennial's jealousy would rise from the deep and she'd try to put a stop to the enforced fucking, he didn't know. She'd either join in, guide his solid cock deep into the girl's tight arsehole - or go running to Bentley with her accusations of perversity.
   "Please, I can't take any more!" Delphine sobbed as the cane lashed her scarlet buttocks for the umpteenth time. "Please, Miss Perennial, I'll do anything!"
   "Anything?" Perennial echoed, her eyes wide, a wicked grin furling her pretty lips.
   "Yes, anything!"
   Turning to Balforth as she dropped the cane to the floor, Perennial stared into the dark pools of his deep eyes, perceptibly pondering on the possibility of a session of rampant debauchery. Standing before him, she slowly unzipped his trousers and displayed his magnificent monument, gently massaging his foreskin over his glistening purple plum.
   The Devil's daughter indeed, Balforth thought as the unlikely harlot quickened her rhythm. There was a fire glowing in her eyes, a fire of passion and debauchery he'd never before seen. Through all her sluttish fainting episodes, her blatant exhibitionism, she'd never looked like this, he thought fearfully. It was as if the Devil himself had permeated her very being, devoured her soul and moved into her curvaceous female form to live out his fantasies.

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