Sex Crazed

Sex Crazed
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ISBN:  9781780802800
Author:  Ray Gordon
Word Count:  83,129
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To my amazement, there was a leather-topped table in the centre of the room and a host of what looked like bondage equipment. This was evidence enough of the vicar's perverted ways, I mused, eyeing lengths of rope dangling from each corner of the table. Bamboo canes, a leather whip, vibrators, chains, dildos...

Robin Sane is a psychiatrist in the loosest sense of the word. Ninety percent of his patients are young women, all of whom have been given the same diagnosis. The reason for their phobia and anxiety is due to a deep-seated sexual problem. Charging a fortune for a consultation and even more for a thorough examination, his life is nothing less than heaven. Until he advertises for a housekeeper and Crystal enters his life.

It's only a short time before Crystal realises that Robin is totally sex crazed and she wants to leave. However, money is tight and so she moves a friend into the house to live with her. Lorraine is a stunner, who also happens to be as sex crazed as Robin. Everything seems to be going just fine, until Crystal asks another friend to stay, and then another. With mounting electricity, phone and gas bills Robin feels his business going under, until the girls offer to help.

These girls are resourceful if nothing else - and they've each got their own intimate way of raising cash.

"She's a nice specimen. One of the best we've had for quite some time."
   "It's a great shame that she had to interfere," the vicar sighed, passing something to his accomplice. "However, she did interfere and now she has to be dealt with."
   Fixing two metal clamps to the fleshy cushions of my outer labia, the young man ran two chains from the clamps over my hips and down either side of the table. I knew what he was doing as he fixed heavy weights to the clamps. I'd seen the photographs of Lorraine, her tortured pussy lips. My vaginal lips stretched wide apart, exposing the sensitive inner flesh of my sex valley, I couldn't imagine what it would be like to be caned there. The cone of pink flesh surrounding my vaginal entrance, my clitoris... The pain would be excruciating.
   "It's no good," the young man said, lowering the top section of the table so that my head fell back. "I've got to fuck her mouth before I do anything else."
   "She enjoys having her mouth fucked," the vicar laughed as I stared upside down at the young man's solid penis.
   "I know I've said it before, but you did a brilliant job on this table. With her head at this angle, I'll be able to push my cock straight down her throat."
   He was right, my head back, my mouth open wide, he slipped his purple knob into my mouth and drove it down my throat. My nose pressed against his hairy scrotum, my lips stretched tautly around the broad shaft of his huge organ, I breathed heavily through my nose as his knob seemed to travel down my throat to my stomach. I'd never taken a cock down my throat, and was surprised that it was possible to swallow the entire organ without choking. Withdrawing until his swollen knob settled between my full lips, he drove into me again, his glans gliding down my throat until the base of his cock met my lips. I could feel his glans deep within my throat, his balls pressed hard against my nose as I stared between his legs at the far wall. This was sexual degradation beyond belief.
   Sliding his solid shaft in and out of my mouth, his bulbous knob repeatedly gliding down my throat, he pinched and pulled on the sensitive teats of my nipples. Had I not been fearful for my safety, I'd have enjoyed the deep throat fucking, the painful abuse of my sensitive nipples. My tethered body jolting as the vicar thrust what felt like a huge candle deep into the tight shaft of my wet cunt, I wondered what horrendous abuse the evil pair had planned for me. I couldn't see what the vicar was doing, but I could hear the repeated click of a camera shutter. More incriminating evidence, I thought. Evidence? If they were going to do away with me, it didn't matter what evidence they had.
   "While your busy fucking her throat, I'll do her arse," the vicar said, lowing the bottom end of the table. My feet almost on the floor, my naked buttocks over the edge of the table, I wondered how many other girls had been in this very position. The table was an ingenious contraption, the work of imaginative minds, and I recalled Robin's examination couch. How many girls had he tied to it and enjoyed before delivering them to the vicar? Still finding it hard to believe that he was in with the evil pair, I remembered the internal examination I'd endured. He was probably evaluating me, scrutinizing my naked body to determine whether or not I was worth despatching to the vicar.
   My sore nipples painfully stretched, I felt something encircling the base of my breasts. It was rope, my tits ballooning as the pressure increased. Tightening it further, the vicar chuckled in his wickedness, remarking on the dark discs of my areolae, my inflating nipples. The camera shutter clicked again as the young man continued to throat fuck me. Did they sell the photographs? I felt the vicar's fingers between my firm buttocks, painfully parting my bum cheeks, exposing the sensitive ring of my anus. Tensing my buttocks in readiness to defend my bottom-hole, I felt his bulbous knob pressing hard against the eye of my tightly closed anal portal.
   "Hot and tight," the vicar gasped, his ballooning knob slipping past my defeated sphincter muscles and journeying along my rectal tube to my bowels. The bloating sensation within my pelvis was incredible. My cunt stretched to capacity by a massive candle, the vicar's huge cock embedded deep within my arse, the young man's knob repeatedly gliding down my throat... Never had I known such degradation. My teenage body rocking with the double fucking, I prayed for my freedom, prayed for someone to come to my rescue. But there was no one to come to my rescue. Robin had betrayed me, Carter had...
   "Ah, yes," the young man breathed, his spunk gushing from his throbbing knob, pumping down my throat and into my stomach without my having to swallow. The vicar releasing his sperm, lubricating the inflamed sheath of my rectum with his orgasmic cream, I wondered whether to make an effort to save myself from my inevitable fate. I could offer to supply the evil men with fresh meat, as the vicar had put it. They were obviously aware that I knew girls, and might spare me if I offered to become a supplier. A purveyor of cunt? How far would I go to save my own skin?
   The young man finally withdrawing his spent cock from my throat, his sperm dribbling from his knob-slit and running up my nose, I raised my head and gazed at my tortured breasts as he moved away. The ropes tightly bound around the base of my mammary globes, my tits looking like two purple balloons, I wondered what had become of my body. I'd offered my cunt, my mouth, my arse, to dozens of cocks. I'd swallowed gallons of spunk, allowed men to use and abuse me, fuck me, finger me, spunk me... What the hell had I done with my life? Could I blame others for my wanton behaviour? It was my life, my body, and the things I'd done had been my doing.
   The vicar's cock finally slipping out of my spunked arse like a cork out of a bottle, I recalled an incident I'd long since pushed to the back of my subconscious. Perhaps it had been my fault that a very good friend of my father's had seduced me.
   It was a beautiful summer day and I was sitting in the garden in my bikini when the man called. He joined me on the patio. He looked at me, stared at my breasts, my nipples clearly defined by my flimsy bikini top. Then quite bluntly he said he wanted to look at my naked body. I wasn't shocked, even half expecting him to make a move. I suppose that I was used to men gazing at me, their lecherous looks. I was used to the vicar pushing his purple knob into my mouth or the sheath of my pussy.
The man was in his thirties and had something to do with my father's work. He also wanted to have something to do with his daughter. When he reached out and pulled my bikini top down, exposing my breasts, I moved away and told him he shouldn't. He just laughed and said that I'd better do as he asked otherwise he'd tell my parents about me. I didn't know what he meant. Tell my parents about what? He left me guessing, stroking my long blonde hair as I sat on the patio beneath the hot sun. He said he liked my body, and he wanted me to stand up and show him my pussy.
   I was confused. He was a family friend, a man who'd often visited us, stayed for dinner. I could trust no one to keep their hands off me. Hadn't the vicar been a trusted family friend?
   "If your parents knew..." the family friend began, massaging his penis through his trousers. "I don't know what they'd think about you."
   "What?" I asked, frowning at him. "If my parents knew what?"
   "If they knew that you came to the front door naked. If they knew that you'd asked me to fuck you..."
   "Lies," I breathed.
   "Let's not complicate matters, Crystal. I don't want to get you into trouble so just do as I ask. Come and stand here and show me your cunt."
   I stood before him, innocent in my guilt as he pulled the front of my bikini down and gazed longingly at the tightly closed slit of my pussy. He talked about masturbation, asked me whether I fingered my pussy, frigged my clitoris to orgasm. He said that my mother would be horrified if she discovered that I masturbated. His hands were trembling, his trousers bulging, and I knew he wanted to fuck me. Every man I met wanted to fuck me.
   He made me bend over with my feet wide apart, the rounded cheeks of my naked bottom displayed before his wide eyes. Following his instructions, I reached behind my back and eased a finger into my bottom-hole, pushing it deep into the heat of my tight rectum. Stroking my firm buttocks, he said that he knew about my activities. I thought he meant the vicar, but later discovered that he knew nothing about me. He was hoping I'd have a few secrets, played on that.
   "Bend over the table," he ordered me. Slipping my hot finger out of my bottom-hole, I leaned over the patio table, standing with my feet apart, my naked buttocks projected. I heard his zip sliding down, movements behind me, and then felt the bulb of his solid penis within my anal gully. My tight brown ring was dry, in need of lubrication. Slipping his knob between my vaginal lips, he creamed his glans and then moved up to my anus again.
   "Yes," he breathed, his purple crown slipping past my anal sphincter muscles, driving deep into the core of my body. "You like that, don't you?" he asked, grabbing my hips and fucking my bottom. I said nothing, clinging to the table and allowing him to arse fuck me, wondering what secrets he knew about me. "Can you feel my cock up your arse?" he breathed, his swinging balls slapping the wet lips of my cunt. "I'm going to spunk up your arse, Crystal. I'm going to fill your sweet arse with my spunk."
   Ramming his cock head deep into my bowels, his belly slapping my tensed buttocks, he let out a low moan as his sperm gushed and filled my inflamed rectal tube. Listening to the squelching sounds of sperm as he arse fucked me, I gazed at my homework lying on the table. Suffragettes, women's rights. What rights did I have? Wherever I was, wherever I went, men were after my body.
   The family friend finally slipped his spent cock out of my bottom-hole, leaving me with sperm oozing from the inflamed eye of my anus. I slipped my bikini on and carried on with my homework as he left. He'd had what he'd wanted, fucked my arse and drained his balls. Some family friend he was...

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More good stuff from Ray Gordon
Friday, 7 December 2012  | 

This is one of the best from Ray Gordon. A perfect combination of humour and sex makes this book well worth reading. This book is worth every penny.

Erotica at it's best!!
Wednesday, 27 June 2012  | 

Yet another Ray Gordon masterpiece!! Raw sex and plenty of it, blended with the author's unmistakeable off-the-wall humour. Keep up the good work, Ray!!

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