Sex Practice

Sex Practice
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ISBN:  9781780802879
Author:  Ray Gordon
Word Count:  93,391
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Pressing a button concealed beneath the shelf, Larry grinned as the false wall slowly slid back, revealing another room. Her eyes wide as she gazed at the chains hanging from the walls, the handcuffs and whips adorning the room, the horizontal planks of padded wood forming an X, Christine turned to Larry.
   "What are you going to do to me?" she asked fearfully...

Larry Lickman operates the country's most outrageous marriage guidance and sex therapy practice. His insatiable craving for various and extreme sex involves very unorthodox 'counselling' - to put it mildly.

His staff - consisting of the rampantly bisexual Brigit Biways, the neurotic Lily Dyke and Monica Moodie, who is dangerously well-informed - don't exactly help matters. And as things come to a head, Larry's murky past catches up with him in an almighty explosion of erotic excess...

Switching the vibrator on, Larry pressed the buzzing tip against the girl's already swollen sex nodule, grinning as she immediately responded by emitting low moans of pleasure. Thrusting his fingers in and out of her wettening vaginal sheath as she arched her back, he realized that she was quickly nearing her climax. The more he made her come, the more sex she'd want, he mused, his penis now painful within his trousers.
   "Ah, God!" Holly cried, her head tossing from side to side, her golden locks veiling her flushed face as her orgasm welled within her womb. "It's... it's heavenly!"
   "You're responding very well," Larry praised his gullible client, gazing at her areolae darkening in her arousal, her nipples becoming hard and erect.
   "I'm... I'm coming! Oh, God, I'm coming already!"
   "It's the vibrator... I mean, the clitoral massager. It's designed to..."
   "Ah! Yes, yes! God, I'm... I'm there!"
   Her naked body shaking violently, her mouth open, gasping, she screamed as her orgasm gripped her, sending electrifying pulses of sex through her perspiring flesh. The vibrator sustaining her incredible pleasure, the orgasmic shockwaves rolled through her curvaceous body, taking her ever higher to her sexual paradise. His thrusting fingers drenched with her girl-come, Larry held the vibrator against her pulsating clitoris, gazing in awe at her inflamed outer lips as they reddened and swelled to an incredible size. She really was a nymphomaniac, he mused happily as she sang out in her coming.
   "Oh, God! Please, no more!" she begged, her knuckles whitening as she gripped the sides of the couch. "Please, please, no more!"
   "You did very well," Larry smiled, moving the vibrator away from her aching clitoris as she propped her exhausted body up on her elbows.
   "That was beautiful!" she gasped, her pretty face flushed. "God, I came so quickly! I've never come as quick as that before! What are you going to do to me next?"
   "I'll examine your breasts next."
   "While you're down that end of my body, perhaps you should examine my bottom?" she grinned, seductively licking her succulent red lips.
   Frowning as he slipped his fingers out of her drenched love duct and switched the vibrator off, Larry thought again about the girl's familiar looks. Suggesting that he examine her bottom set alarm bells ringing in his mind - but his insatiable craving to lust over girls' naked bodies would get the better of him, he knew!
   She was more than overly eager to be examined, he reflected as she rolled onto her stomach and lay with her long legs wide open. Was this a set up? She turned her head and flashed him a salacious grin. Who was she?
   "I've just got to nip into my consulting room, I won't be a minute," he said, eyeing her curvaceous taut buttocks, her vaginal fissure nestling between her parted shapely thighs - her outer pussy lips swollen, wet with cunt milk, succulent. Walking into the hall, his suspicion rising, Larry left the building and checked the car park again. Nothing, he mused, rubbing his chin as he walked round the building. No DI Clarke, no Monica... nothing.
   Closing and locking the main door, he became confused. Brigit had said that Holly had been laughing with Monica, as if they were old friends, and yet... he couldn't let an opportunity like this slip through his fingers.
   Back in the bondage room he decided to go for it, to use the girl's naked body to satisfy his ever-rampant craving for sex - despite the consequences.
   "OK, I might as well check your anal canal," he said, taking the jar of honey from the shelf and parting her firm buttocks. "You might well have an anal tract problem causing you to become dangerously sexually aroused."
   "That doesn't follow!" she replied, turning her pretty face and gazing into his deep-set eyes.
   "It's very common in lesbian nymphomaniacs. You see, the anal sphincter muscles spasm, sending impulses to the clitoris, causing the erectile orgasm to swell and year for the relief that orgasm brings."
   "Oh, right," she murmured, resting her head on the padded couch.
   Pouring a good quantity of the golden honey over her tightly closed bottom-hole, he imagined his penis penetrating her there, bloating her tight rectal duct as he drove his knob deep into the very core of her body. Had she ever had her bum fucked? One thing was for sure - she wouldn't leave the bondage room until he'd taken her anal virginity!
   "Oh, what's that?" she asked in surprise as the thick liquid ran down her anal valley to her bulging sex lips.
   "It's called Honeylube. It's a special lubricant I use for anal examinations," he replied, replacing the honey jar and taking the largest candle from the shelf. "Have you ever had a rear-end... I mean, an anal examination before?"
   "No, no never."
   "OK, I'm going to insert my rectal dilator into your bottom, Holly. It might hurt a little, but it has to be done."
   "You must do whatever's necessary, Doctor - I'm completely in your hands."
   Completely at my mercy.
   Stretching her rounded buttocks wide apart, exposing her small brown hole, Larry pressed the pointed end of the candle against her anal ring, grinning wickedly as the wax piston glided into her tight rectal cylinder. Gasping as her bottom-hole progressively yielded to the tapering shaft, Holly parted her legs further, projecting her buttocks, offering the very sexual core of her body to the wicked doctor. Wondering whether the time had come to lash her naked body to the couch with rope and fuck her tight arse hole, Larry thought again about the girl's familiar looks, sure that he knew her from somewhere.
   "God, that feels heavenly!" Holly gasped as Larry pushed the candle fully-home, her delicate brown tissue surrounding her hole opening to at least two and a half inches. "I'm sure you don't do this to all the girls you examine!"
   "This is the recommended method of examining anal canals," he replied. "Right, while the dilator is doing its job, I'll massage your vaginal walls to relax your muscles and we'll continue our discussion."
   "Oh, oh!" she trilled as he drove four fingers into her hot lust duct and kneaded her sex-drenched inner flesh. "Oh, that's... that's nice!"
   "I'm only doing this to relax your vaginal muscles, Holly. Tell me, when did you first discover masturbation?"
   "I began masturbating when I was younger."
   That's a lie; she said the first time was three weeks ago. "How did you discover the fine art of female masturbation?"
   "I was in the bath when... I was rubbing the soap between my legs, between my vaginal lips, and it felt really good. I lay on my back in the hot water with my feet resting on the edges of the bath and kept rubbing. Suddenly, I shuddered and my whole body became alive and - wow! I masturbated every day after that - I have done ever since. Oh, that's nice, keep rubbing inside me."
   She was lying. What was she up to? "Have you ever had a lesbian relationship?" he asked unashamedly, gently twisting the candle, massaging her velveteen anal flesh.
   "Yes, with a girl I knew at school. We were in my bedroom one weekend, just playing around - and she kissed me."
   "And then what happened?"
   "She pushed her tongue into my mouth and it made me feel really sexy."
   "Was this after you'd discovered masturbation?"
   "Yes. She lifted my skirt and slipped her hand down the front of my knickers and masturbated me. God, did I come!"
   "Did you masturbate her?"
   "Oh, yes, I did. We got completely carried away and licked each other's clitties. We ended up naked on the bed doing anything and everything to each other."
   "Did you enjoy sex with her on a regular basis?"
   "Yes, most weekends until we left school - then I lost touch with her."
   "You've not had a lesbian relationship since?"
   "No, but I've often thought I'd like to."
   Slipping his fingers out of her rhythmically tightening sex sheath, Larry took a several lengths of rope from the shelf. She'd described herself as not particularly sexual before her sudden transformation into a nymphomaniac, he reflected - and now she'd revealed that she regularly masturbated and she'd often thought she'd like a lesbian relationship. There was something very strange going on, he concluded. She was either a genuine nymphomaniac, or the bait for the trap - but which? If this was a trap, then Larry had taken the bait, so why wasn't DI Clarke reeling him in? Trap or not, his penis yearning for the welcoming heat of her wet cunt, the time had come to begin...
   "OK, I'm going to massage your feet to check your anal reaction."
   "Anal reaction? How will massaging my feet..."
   "It's reflexology, Holly," he replied, tying lengths of rope to her ankles. "You see, particular points on the feet correspond to certain parts of the body. Your big toes correspond to your nipples, your little toes to your vaginal lips, your heals to your clitoris, your insteps to your anal canal... there, that's it!" he grinned, securing the ropes to the legs of the couch.
   "Oh! You've tied me down!" she cried, turning her head and trying to lift her naked body.
   "It's all part of the examination," he reassured her. "Lie flat and stretch your arms out so I can secure your wrists."
   "Holly, you do want me to help you, don't you?"
   "Well, yes, but... I've never heard of a doctor tying his patients down before!"
   "It's a new method recently devised by the BMA," he replied, stretching her arms out and tying her wrists to the couch legs. "They not only highly recommend it, but they supply the ropes free of charge. There, now you're ready for the real examination."
   "Real examination? What do you mean, real?"
   "You're ready to have my knob examine your cervix!" he chuckled. "You'd like my big cock stuffed up your hot, wet cunt, wouldn't you?"
   "Oh, God, yes!" she breathed, much to Larry's surprise. "Really give it to me!"
   This was definitely a set up, he thought fearfully. He knew he should send her packing before the storm broke. But, his penis thirsty for her wet sex hole, his heavy balls rolling, his lechery outweighed his better judgement. Eyeing the candle emerging between her taut, unblemished bottom cheeks, he decided that a good thrashing was in order. Taking the cane from the shelf, he raised his arm, bringing the thin bamboo down with a loud crack across her twitching buttocks.
   "Argh!" she screamed, trying to struggle free of her bonds. "No, please, what are you doing?"
   "Caning your beautiful bum," he laughed, striking her tensed buttocks again.
   "No, you can't do this!"
   "I can and I am. There's nothing I like better than thrashing girls' bottoms."
   Chuckling as thin pink weals began to fan out across her twitching flesh, Larry brought the cane down again and again, delighting at her cries. With no one around, no chance of Monica hammering on the door and demanding to know what was going on, Larry was in his element.
   "Oh, oh! Please, that's enough!" she whimpered, her naked body squirming beneath the cane. "Ah, God, my bum!"
   "Your bum's lovely, Holly! I'll fuck your hot bum-hole after I've thrashed you!"
   "Ah! Oh, please, please!"
   "Ah, you're begging for more! Yes, I like that!"
   Continuing the merciless thrashing, her buttocks turning bright scarlet, Larry brought the cane down again and again. Spurred on by her incessant screaming as the candle shot out of her contracting anal sheath and flew across the room, he thrashed the backs of her legs. Almost incoherent words of sexual pleasure bubbling from her pretty mouth, she began to emit low moans of satisfaction.
   "Ah, so you do like it!" Larry grinned, thrashing the soft skin of her legs just below her burning bottom orbs.
   "My bum, do my bum again!" she breathed. "Ah, yes! Harder, cane me harder! God, I'm... I'm coming!"
   Her cunt milk pouring in torrents from her open sex hole, Larry thrashed her stinging bottom to the accompaniment of her cries for more. A first rate nymphomaniac, he mused, bringing the cane down as hard as he could, the deafening cracks resounding round the room. His arm beginning to ache, he administered the final blow, breaking the cane in two as it struck her rounded bum cheeks.
   "Well?" he grinned. "Did you like that?"

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