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ISBN:  9781780803050
Author:  Ray Gordon
Word Count:  92,548
Format:  eBook



Sex CrazedSex Crazed
Sex PracticeSex Practice
Sex ThiefSex Thief

Looking back over the few short weeks of my nemesis, I see myself. My naked body sprawled over the dining room table, my hands and wrists tied with rope, my thighs spread to the extreme...

Good little housewife, Selina Goodman, is on her way up. Her first novel has just been published to widespread acclaim, and her presence is gracing TV screens far and wide.

But Danny, her husband, is incensed. His star has been completely eclipsed by her success and he is determined to wreak revenge, so along with his beautiful and seductive mistress, Crystal, he plots to blackmail his wife and put her back in her place.

Humiliation and money begin the game, but when sex rears its beautifully ugly head, things quickly get out of hand...

Watching Danny take another beer from the fridge, I again recalled his words about our relationship. His prediction was right. The whole sordid business was affecting our marriage more than we could have imagined and I knew in my heart of hearts that we'd slipped anchors and were drifting apart. But, as I looked back, I realized that throwing myself into my work as I had over the last year or so had also caused a rift between us.
   "I'm going up to take a shower." Danny looked wan, vulnerable. I smiled at him, remembering when we'd first met, the hours of lovemaking, the desperate passion. Nothing lasts, I reflected, wandering into the lounge as he climbed the stairs. Plonking myself on the sofa, I thought about the future, whether this would all come to an end and Danny and I could rebuild our relationship. Would the blackmail ever stop? I wondered as the phone rang. Lifting the receiver, I was expecting to hear Chrissy's voice. It was the bitch.
   "How's your bum?" she giggled.
   "Unless you stop ringing and..."
   "Now, now, Selina - be nice to me."
   "My boss wants to meet you."
   "Now, on the common by the railway bridge."
   "Why won't he come here?"
   "Be there as soon as you can."
   As she hung up I was about to rush upstairs and tell Danny, but I had a change of mind. I didn't want him saying anything stupid, threatening the man or getting into a fight. At long last, I thought, my chance had come to put an end to the horror and I was determined not to ruin that chance. Calling to Danny through the bathroom door that I was going out for a walk, I left the house and made my way to the common, feeling really positive about the meeting.
   As I neared the railway bridge, I stopped and look around. The common was deserted and I felt that I was alone in the world. Wondering whether I might be walking into a trap, I edged my way cautiously towards the trees. The thugs might be lying in wait, I reflected. They might kidnap me or... No, they wouldn't do anything like that, there'd be no point.
   "Hallo!" I called as I neared the trees. "Are you there?" Only the birds replied as I tentatively followed a path into the woods. A train trundling through the tunnel, the canopy of leaves blocked out the sunlight as I ventured further into the woods. "Hallo!" I called again, jumping as a rabbit dashed into the undergrowth. I knew I was making a mistake as I walked on. The girl's boss wouldn't want to meet me in such a place, I was sure.
   "Ah, Selina!" the bitch grinned as I entered a clearing.
   "Where is he?" I asked, looking about me.
   "He'll be here shortly. Why don't you strip off and...?"
   "I'm here to meet your boss, not to..."
   "Selina, you remember I said you'd regret what you called me?"
   "He's not coming, is he?" I asked fearfully.
   "I told you that you'd wish to God that you'd never said it."
   "I'm going!" I returned firmly, turning on my heels.
   "Going where?" the young man asked menacingly as he emerged from the undergrowth.
   "Home!" I cried.
   "Home?" another young man grinned mockingly, blocking the pathway.
   "Clothes off, Selina," the bitch smirked.
   I should have known that this was a trap. In my stupidity, I'd walked straight into their lair, into the lion's den - and there was no way out. I couldn't understand my naivety, how I'd been so gullible. Her boss would have rung me if he'd wanted to talk to me. I should have taken Danny with me, told him about the so-called meeting and...
   "We're waiting, Selina," the bitch grinned, taking the leather whip from her bag. "I really don't understand your disobedience. You called me a vile, filthy, stinking bitch, and then you told me to fuck off. You'll be punished, Selina - severely punished!"
   I said nothing as she pulled several lengths of rope from the bag. Trembling as I watched the men unbutton their shirts, I knew I was going to have to endure the most gruelling whipping imaginable. As they tugged their trousers down, their erect penises coming into view, I looked around the clearing for an escape route, but there was only the one path - blocked by the naked men.
   "Unless you cooperate, my boss will send copies of these to his journalist friend," the whore hissed, taking several photographs from the bag. I stared in horror at the lewd scenes, the man's penis embedded deep inside my anal sheath, my brown ring stretched tautly around his huge shaft. She must have had a camera, I reflected, gazing at the weals across my naked buttocks. My face wasn't in any of the shots, but my chestnut hair and the small mole on my back revealed my identity. It was obvious that the photographs had been taken in my lounge.
   "Well?" the bitch leered as she slipped her coat off, revealing her naked body. "I don't think you have any choice, Selina. We have quite a collection of photographs now. Either you do exactly as I say from now on, or you'll be exposed as a bisexual nymphomaniac. Imagine it, literary wonder Selina Goodman takes it up her bum..."
   "There's nothing to prove that it's me," I countered feebly.
   "I think you'll find these prove it's you beyond all doubt," she grinned, taking more photographs from her bag.
   Two shots showed me sucking the man's rock-hard penis, my lips taut around his wet shaft, his sperm dribbling down my chin. Another showed me licking between the girl's parted buttocks, my tongue pushed out, teasing her brown anal flesh. Little wonder that I hadn't noticed the flash - the bastards had been careful to ensure that my eyes were closed in apparent bliss before taking the incriminating pictures.
   I froze. I was done. Apart from the newspapers, what would my friends and neighbours think? It was all very well Danny saying fuck the neighbours, but I wouldn't be able to show my face. As for my family, my mother and father... The bitch was right, I had no choice. But where would it all end? All I could envisage was a lifetime of sexual abuse, as a sex slave to the cow and her accomplices.
   "Obedience is of paramount importance," the girl said as she stood before me and unbuttoned my blouse. "I will not tolerate objections, protests or any hesitation when I tell you what to do. You will comply instantly to my commands, no matter what they are." Slipping my blouse over my shoulders, she unhooked my bra, exposing my naked breasts to the men. "Remove your skirt and panties."
   Tugging my skirt down, I slipped my thumbs between my panties and my hips, watching the men as their eyes widened with expectation. My embarrassment rising, my fear soaring, I stepped out of my skirt and pulled my panties down, displaying my vaginal slit. I couldn't endure the whip again, the agonizing pain, the merciless thrashing - but there was no escape. Perhaps someone would come, I mused. Someone walking their dog, or children coming to the woods to climb trees. Someone had to save me! Where was the world?
   "I might spare you a buttock thrashing, Selina," the tart grinned, painfully twisting and pinching my nipples. "If you prove to be an obedient sex slave, completely submissive, I might spare you a buttock thrashing. Right, let's get started. I want you to lie on the ground."
   Sitting on the soft grass, I reclined and looked up at the sun sparkling through the canopy of leaves high above me. As the men tied ropes around my ankles, I wondered what Danny was doing, again wishing that I'd brought him with me. This was going to be the last time I'd be subjected to sexual abuse, I vowed as the men slung the ropes over the branches of two trees. I couldn't win, I knew - but I could run.
   Lifting my head, I watched my feet rise into the air as the men pulled on the ropes. My thighs parting wide as my feet rose higher, my vaginal entrance rudely bared, vulnerable, I rested my head on the downy grass and closed my eyes. They could do whatever they wished to my naked body, and I'd not complain. They could take it in turns to fuck me, to sperm in my mouth, anything - as long as they didn't whip me.
   "Very nice!" the girl giggled as she settled on the grass and yanked my sex lips apart. "OK, who wants to fuck her first? Mick, you haven't had the pleasure yet, I think you should go first."
   "I'd be delighted!" the man chuckled, running his hand up and down his solid shaft...

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