Sexual Service

Sexual Service
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ISBN:  9781780803142
Author:  Ray Gordon
Word Count:  92,784
Format:  eBook



Sex ThiefSex Thief
Sexual RevengeSexual Revenge

Taking the girl's slender hand and leading her into the corridor, Honeycunny made for the stairs leading down to the basement. Almost dragging her down the steps, she pushed a heavy, metal door open and pulled her into a small room with a naked bulb hanging above a double bed. She'd never escape, Honeycunny knew as she closed and locked the door and ordered her prisoner to lie on the bed...

In this erotic adventure by Ray Gordon the one and only Haynes Blond of MI6 takes on the infamous Eva Titsky, head of the all-powerful P.I.A., in her impenetrable Russian lair.

Flying in over the Oral Mountains, Blond parachutes into Penisburg only to be swiftly captured by Eva. Bound hand and foot he is dragged away to be tortured by his nemesis and her nubile female helpers. Blond struggles to escape, but it seems the girl torturers are really starting to warm up to their work...

Following her into the house, he eyed the backs of her shapely thighs, beautifully revealed by her short red miniskirt. She was in her mid-twenties, he reckoned, focusing on the swell of her rounded buttocks and imagining slipping his tongue into the tight ring of her hot anal portal. As she dashed into the lounge and slid a bookcase to one side, revealing a secret staircase to the basement, he wondered how long he'd have to stay in hiding. With the beautifully sexy Cristoli to keep him company, it didn't really matter how long he'd be cooped up!
   "Quickly," she said, flashing her huge blue eyes at him and indicating for him to follow her. Blond looked about him as she pulled the bookcase back into position and switched the light on. A double bed, a wash basin, an armchair... Home from home, he mused, walking down the wooden steps. Well, not quite. Wondering what she used the basement for, his eyes lit up as she pulled a heavy velvet curtain back. Grinning, he followed her into a large chamber housing chains, whips, bamboo canes, handcuffs, and a host of other sex equipment.
   "Well?" she smiled, fluttering her incredibly long eyelashes. "What do you think?"
   "Amazing," he breathed, gazing at a huge table with steel rings set in each corner. "What do you do down here?"
   "What do you think I do?"
   Frig your cunt? "Well... Enjoy yourself, I suppose."
   "Do you like to enjoy yourself, Haynes?" she giggled impishly, unbuttoning her blouse and exposing her straining bra.
   "Of course," he replied enthusiastically. "I'm rather adept at enjoying myself with a beautiful young woman."
   "I'm a beautiful young woman, Haynes. I'm all woman."
   "Yes, I can see that."
   "I'm desperate for wild sex."
   "What a coincidence. So am I."
   "Then, what are we waiting for?"
   "Nothing, really. Do you live here alone?"
   "Yes, sadly. But I have many like-minded friends."
   "People who enjoy the decadent side of sex. People who lust after the darker, debased side of illicit sexual gratification. You look like a man who enjoys the... How shall I put it? The wholly disgusting and perverse aspects of sex."
   "You're right there," he chuckled as she reached behind her back and unhooked her bra.
   "I thought I might be. I can tell by your eyes. It's in your eyes."
   "Actually, it's in my trousers."
   "Not for long, it isn't!"
   "I thought as much, or as little. Actually, it's quite big. No, it's very big."
   "The bigger the better."
   Eyeing the ripe melons of her full breasts as they tumbled from the silk cups, the golden tresses of her long hair cascading over her naked shoulders, he felt his penis stiffen in expectation of a mammary cleavage shafting terminating in a pearl necklace. Her buttocks would be firm and well rounded, he mused, pondering on slipping his meaty length into the dank heat of her anal canal and filling her bowels with sperm. The lips of her cunt were undoubtedly full and very firm, perfect for gripping the base of his solid cock as he fucked her senseless.
   "You're a fine woman," he breathed admiringly as she tugged her miniskirt down her shapely legs and kicked the garment aside in her abandonment. Winking, she stood before him with only the thin material of her red panties covering the alluring swell of her sex lips, veiling her pink valley of carnal desire. Gazing longingly at the suckable nipples beautifully encircled by the chestnut-brown discs of her areolae, he knew he was in for a damned good fucking session.
   "What do you fancy?" she asked, licking her full lips provocatively. "Would you like to tie me to the table and cane my bottom, or would you prefer me to bend over the school desk?"
   "The school desk," he replied, watching as she pulled it into the middle of the room. "There's something about school desks that turns me on."
   "There's something about being tied over school desks that turns me on," she grinned.
   Bending over the desk, her feet wide apart, she projected the alluring moons of her firm buttocks out. Eyeing the cunny lip swell of her panties between the tops of her shapely thighs, Blond wondered whether she'd shaved her pubic hair off. Imagining sucking her hairless outer labia, driving his tongue between the inner petals of her vulval entrance and tasting her flowing juices, he adjusted his penis through his trousers.
   "Cuff my wrists and ankles to the legs of the desk," she ordered him. "You don't want me to escape, do you?"
   "Aren't you going to take your knickers off?" he asked, grabbing four pairs of handcuffs from a shelf.
   "You'll have to thrash them off me," she whispered huskily. "Thrash my bottom until my panties are ripped to shreds and fall to the floor."
   "That sounds good," he laughed, cuffing her wrists and ankles. "The cane or the leather whip?"
   "The cane. I prefer to be punished with the cane because it reminds me of my schooldays."
   "Why's that?"
   "I loved being caned by the male teachers. I knew how much it turned them on when I bent over the desk with my gymslip up, revealing my navy-blue knickers. I was often very naughty because I knew I'd get the cane. Mind you, even when I was good, they caned me. I've been very naughty, Haynes. I'm a naughty little schoolgirl. You must thrash me for my naughtiness."
   "No problem, Cristoli!" Blond laughed. "No fucking problem at all!"
   Taking a long thin cane from an umbrella stand, Blond stood behind the woman's curvy body, his face beaming as he realized how lucky he was. Two, bisexual girls in a double bed, more beauties in the Valley of Lustgrad, and now this rampant whore to shag rotten... What more could any man want? Apart from brown dirt cowboys who'd undoubtedly rather have choir boys dressed in frocks!
   Flexing the cane, he raised the instrument of sexual torture high above his head as the sex-crazed woman tensed the rounded orbs of her buttocks. Her tight panties faithfully following the deep, lickable groove of her anal crease, he could hardly wait for the flimsy material to fall away from her firm buttocks, revealing her dank gully of illicit sex. Once her sweet bottom was exposed, he'd part her naked buttocks and drive his purple-headed warrior past her tight ring of debased sex and force it deep into the dank heat of her bowels and spunk her there.
   Bringing the cane down with a loud swish, lashing the twitching orbs of her firm bottom, he couldn't help grinning as she let out a yelp. Again he thrashed her buttocks, her body convulsing wildly as the cane landed with a deafening crack across her pert bum cheeks. It was a stroke of luck coming across a woman who enjoyed several strokes of the cane, he reflected, repeatedly thrashing her pantie-veiled buttocks. But it was going to take quite a time before her knickers disintegrated. The longer the better.
   "Harder!" she screamed, her long blonde hair cascading over the floor as she jutted her buttocks out further. Again and again Blond brought the thin bamboo cane down across the taut cheeks of her arse, her tight panties beginning to tear with each merciless lash. Noticing a damp patch spreading over the thin material running between her firm thighs, he knew she was in her sexual heaven as he repeatedly flailed her spherical bottom cheeks. Perhaps she'd come, he mused, watching the damp patch spread until her panties were dripping with her copious vaginal juices. Whimpering as the gruelling thrashing continued, shaking violently, she again begged him to thrash her harder.
   "Don't stop!" she ordered him as he rested his arm by his side. "Thrash me until my panties are shredded." On and on he beat her firm bottom, her twitching buttocks visibly glowing red through the slits in her panties. The material beginning to fall away, exposing the deep gorge of her anal valley, Blond again pondered on forcing his solid penis deep into the welcoming heat of her rectal sheath. She'd undoubtedly be a damned good arse fuck, enjoy a length of male sex flesh forced up her tight bottom and a pint of spunk pumped deep into her bowels. And Blond would undoubtedly enjoy it, too!
   The cane swishing through the air, striking the tensed orbs of her burning bottom with loud cracks, Blond was determined not to halt the merciless punishment until her knickers had been shredded in the name of kinky sex and she begged for her freedom. After all, this was her idea, he reflected as her screams resounded around the basement. If she couldn't take it, then she shouldn't have asked for it. Take it or not, she was really going to get it. Grunting with every lash of the cane, his arm beginning to ache, Blond wondered when she'd beg him to stop. It didn't fucking matter when, he reflected. He'd been given his mission, his instructions, and had to carry them out to the letter.
   "That's enough!" the quaking woman finally cried, the remnants of her panties falling to the floor, her naked buttocks glowing a fire-red as she tried to stand upright to halt the beating. "No more! Please stop!" she wailed as the cane repeatedly landed squarely across the twitching globes of her naked bottom. "Haynes, for God's sake! That's enough!" Undeterred, Blond brought the thin bamboo down again and again, chuckling in his wickedness as the woman's vaginal juices gushed from her bared cunt hole and pooled on the floor between her parted feet. "Please, stop!" she cried futilely as her body convulsed wildly.
   "Never!" Blond yelled, giving her burning buttocks the hardest lash yet. "You asked for it, and you're going to get it!"
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Graphic sex and insane humour. Absolutely amazing.
Saturday, 24 November 2012  | 

This book is an insanely brilliant piece of work. Haynes Blond staggers from one hilarious situation to another, enjoying many sexual encounters as he tries to save Great Britain from an enemy as crazy as he. The characters are all mad, the plot crazy, and the book a masterpiece. Best read with a bottle of scotch to hand. I only wish life were really like this. Perhaps it is?

I just had to write a review
Sunday, 21 October 2012  | 

about this book, I have owned this for quite a few years and in my opinion it's Ray Gordon at his best. Absolutely hilarious and filled with some of the best sex scenes ever. If you like erotic fiction and you don't own this - well shame on you!

A Headlong Rush Through Impossibly Erotic Twists And Turns
Monday, 2 July 2012  | 

Ray Gordon is a truly prolific writer of erotic literature, and (assuming that he is, in fact, a unique person) his work covers a particularly wide range of styles. This book reaches further within the erotic genre than any of the others I have read, in that it eschews content in the form of a meaningful plot in favour of embarking on a wild romp through a quick-fire series of puns and other erotic misunderstandings that is quite breath-taking in its boldness. What plot there is centres on a secret agent Haynes Blond, and it is therefore a spoof on Ian Fleming's 'Bond' stories. Beyond that similarity, the characters are all arguably insane, interacting with each other in an essentially random way, linked only by their propensity for outrageous libidinous activity. Blond, in particular, seems incapable of meeting any female without exercising his 'principle parts' in any place that female will accommodate. It's way beyond the 'Carry On' principle, and well into the realms of slapstick. I found it rather unrelentingly jovial, but it will certainly be enjoyed by those who like a madcap ride through an unpredictable succession of erotic twists and turns.

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