Sinful Deceit

Sinful Deceit
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ISBN:  9781780803173
Author:  Ray Gordon
Word Count:  81,294
Format:  eBook



Sexual RevengeSexual Revenge
Sexual ServiceSexual Service

"It's no good protesting," he said as he raised my right arm high above my head. As I struggled to break free, the girl cuffed my wrist to the top of the frame. He was right, protesting was futile. There was nothing I could do to save myself.

When a long-lost 'uncle' contacts eighteen-year-old Kirsty and invites her to stay with him in his villa on a Mediterranean island, she is over the moon. Of course her boyfriend, Dave, isn't quite so happy. But when she arrives on the island to find her 'uncle' Jack is the perfect gentleman, it seems that Dave's fears are unfounded and she prepares for the holiday of a lifetime. Then, while she showers late one night, her clothes are mysteriously removed from her room.

Thus begins her sexual enslavement to the man purporting to be her relative, as she has to indulge in a series of kinky erotic games, all the while searching for escape. But it is only when her boyfriend arrives to rescue her that she realizes that she is as addicted to the sexual exploration as is her captor. But that won't stop her taking a very personalized type of retribution...

"This is used for correcting those who misbehave," the girl informed me, grabbing my other arm and cuffing my wrist.
   "Please..." I whimpered, my hands high above my head. "Why are you doing this to me?"
   "Because you won't cooperate," Reece chuckled, pulling on my right leg and cuffing my ankle to the base of the frame. "Maria is an expert when it comes to breaking girls. She's never failed yet." Grabbing my other foot, he parted my legs wide and cuffed my ankle to the base of the frame. "That's it," he grinned. "You're ready for Maria."
   "She's not a bad specimen," the girl remarked pensively, running her fingertip up my anal crease. "Give me an hour and she'll be eating out of your hand."
   "Out of my trousers," he laughed, slapping my buttocks.
   As the girl stuffed a gag into my mouth, I knew that my fate was sealed. A million thoughts drifted through my head. Where was Sharon? Had she returned to England and told my mother that she'd not been able to contact me? What would become of me? Maria's fingertip teasing the brown tissue encircling my bottom-hole, I squeezed my eyes shut. No one could save me. I was at the mercy of my captors. No one knew where I was, let alone that I was in trouble.
   "We'll begin with a spanking," Maria said, running her palm over the smooth globes of my naked buttocks. Releasing two metal catches on the upright posts, she grabbed the horizontal beam and lowered it until my hands and feet were on the floor, my buttocks were projected. Unable to kneel because my feet were wide apart, I shuddered as Reece squatted behind me and scrutinized the swell of my vagina lips blatantly displayed beneath my bottom-hole. The most private part of my body rudely exposed, this was degradation in the extreme.
   "She has well formed outer lips," he remarked, stroking the fleshy swell of my sex cushions. "As you said, she's a fine specimen."
   "You've done well, Reece," the girl said. "Your meticulous research has paid off."
   "I knew I couldn't go wrong with this one. She has relatives scattered all over the world. An Uncle Jack making contact out of the blue wouldn't generate suspicion."
   "She might do for our schoolgirl videos," the girl murmured. "She's looks the part."
   "Now there's a thought. I can see it now. We'll dress her in a gymslip and white ankle socks and plait her hair in ribbons. She'll wear navy-blue knickers, of course. The teacher comes in and catches her with her hand up her skirt. He places her over his knee, pulls her knickers down and spanks her."
   "Sounds good to me," Maria giggled. "A nice little money-maker."
   "Of course, she'll end up with the teacher's penis up her fanny."
   "And her arse."
   As they talked about me as if I wasn't there, I realized the full horror of my predicament. I shouldn't have jumped on a plane without finding out exactly where I'd be staying. To fly to Greece at the invitation of a man whom I knew nothing about was naive, to say the least. This was my fault. I'd been stupid. I should have checked... My rounded buttocks crudely yanked apart, my naked body jolted as I felt a tongue licking the sensitive brown tissue surrounding the once secret opening to my rectal sheath.
   "Reece," Maria sighed. "I thought we were going to begin with a spanking."
   "I just couldn't resist it," he chuckled, pulling my buttocks further apart and crudely pushing the tip of his tongue into my tight bottom-hole.
   "You can do what you like with her after the spanking."
   "When you've taught her a lesson, I'm going to sink my cock deep into her beautiful arse and fuck her," he said, rising to his feet.
   My heart racing as I imagined him forcing his huge penis into the tight sheath of my bottom, I began to tremble as cold fear gripped me. It was obvious that he was a lech, but to sink to such sexual depravation was horrendous. I'd never dreamed of taking a penis into my bottom-hole. I'd never seen or touched another man's penis, only David's. The thought of a man abusing my anal canal sickened me, and terrified me. Reece was a monster, an evil monster.
   My tethered body jolting as a leather strap landed squarely across my tensed buttocks, I moaned through my nose. The pain permeating the firmness of my naked bottom, I felt my vaginal juices seeping between the delicate wings of my inner lips as the strap again flailed my stinging nether cheeks. Tears streaming from my eyes as the gruelling thrashing continued, I wondered what else I'd have to endure during my so-called holiday. This was only the beginning, I instinctively knew. First, the whip. And then anal sex and then... I couldn't even imagine what horrendous ordeal I'd be put through.
   Again and again the leather strap flailed my burning buttocks. My naked body convulsing wildly, my long blonde hair matted with perspiration, I squeezed my eyes shut as the flesh of my bottom burned like a furnace. I couldn't endure much more, I knew as the strap repeatedly cracked loudly across the stinging orbs of my bottom. Crack after crack resounded around the basement until I thought I'd pass out with the agonising pain. Gagged and unable to scream, I could only pray for my captors to give me some quarter and halt the beating. My prayers had never been answered in the past.
   Thoughts of Sharon filtered into my tormented mind as the ruthless thrashing continued. I was pleased she'd not come with me. She'd have been handcuffed and forced to endure a thrashing. I couldn't have watched a girl as beautiful as her suffering sexual torment. Would I ever set eyes on her again? Would I ever see my mother or David again? All I could do was pray that someone would come searching for me. Perhaps God would have pity on me. I should have gone to church when I was young. Was this punishment for turning my back on the church? I'd been cast into the eternal fires of the villa from hell.
   "That's enough for now," Maria said. She dropped the leather strap to the floor where it lay like snake with fangs bared ready to pounce. My tensed globes of bottom stinging, tears streaming from my eyes, I wished I could scream. Trembling like a leaf, I waited in fear and trepidation as I heard movements behind me. I wanted to be a leaf blowing high and free on the wind. I should have been a bird.
   My eyes closed, I daren't look as my jailers busied themselves behind me. I didn't want to know what they were doing, what appalling plans they had in store for my defenceless body. Completely vulnerable to their every whim, I felt I was nothing more than a naked body to be used. I wasn't looked upon as a person with feelings and emotions.
  The swollen lips of my pussy pulled apart, I felt the bulbous knob of Reece's erect penis stabbing at the entrance to my defenceless vagina...
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Good stuff from Ray Gordon
Friday, 28 June 2013  | 

Kirsty finds her `uncle` makes porn movies, and not the namby pamby stuff your used to, soon she`s not just worried about her sanity but her life.

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