The Uninhibited

The Uninhibited
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ISBN:  9781780803388
Author:  Ray Gordon
Word Count:  87,148
Format:  eBook



Sinful DeceitSinful Deceit
The SplitsThe Splits

'Come here,' Elizabeth breathed, opening her eyes and beckoning Donna with a finger. 'You've been naughty, taking advantage of me like that. I'm going to have to give you a good spanking, my girl.'

Donna Ryan works in a research laboratory where her boss has developed a new hormone patch with some unexpected side-effects; any woman who comes into contact with the treatment finds her sexual urges so dramatically increased that she loses all inhibitions.

Donna accidentally picks up one of the patches and finds her previously suppressed cravings erupting in an ecstatic orgy of liberated impulses, and what ensues is a breakthrough into thrilling dimensions of wild, unrestrained sexuality.

Helen answered Donna's question for her. Her hand on Sophie's knee, she smiled and asked about her nights in her friend's bed. 'We were pretty young,' Sophie began, holding Helen's hand. 'All we did was play with each other, really.'
   'How, exactly?' Donna asked, her womb contracting delectably at the thought.
   'Rubbed each other, I suppose.'
   'Were you both completely naked?'
   'Oh, yes.'
   'Did you both come?' Helen asked.
   'Many, many times. It was wonderful.'
  'Did you both rub each other together or take it in turns?' Donna enquired, her heart beating faster, her misty blue eyes widening.
   'Took it in turns. We timed it to make it fair. I'd slip under the bedclothes and play with her cunette for fifteen minutes, and then she'd...'
   'Cunette? What a wonderful word,' Donna remarked as Sophie settled back on the sofa and parted her legs slightly in response to Helen's fingers encircling her knee.
   Sophie closed her eyes as Helen's hand ran up her leg and found its way under her dress. She was trying to get a finger under the girl's knickers, into her pussy, Donna surmised as she watched the wondrous spectacle. They were both ready for love, she concluded as she stood in the centre of the room, the word 'cunette' floating in her mind as a leaf upon a river.
   'Both come here,' she ordered softly, sexily. Looking up to her, they climbed obediently to their feet. She told them to remove each other's clothes. Their hands all over each other's bodies, Donna watched as Sophie's dress was lifted over her head, Helen's top unbuttoned and discarded, her skirt unzipped and kicked aside.
   Standing only in their bras and panties, Donna nodded her head for them to continue. Her heart thumped in her chest as she waited to see Sophie's breasts, the soft down below her stomach, the hungering in her womb. Turning, they unclipped each other's bras, freeing their firm breasts, exposing the growing buds to Donna's appreciative gaze. Tweaking all four nipples in turn, she cupped the spheres as if weighing them, adjudicating them. Kneeling, Sophie tugged Helen's knickers, pulling them down to her ankles. Now, at last, Helen fell to her knees before Sophie and slipped her fingers between the elastic and her shapely hips. Donna knelt too, gazing at the bulge between Sophie's legs - the bulge of her sex. Slowly the red silk panties fell, peeled from the swelling to expose her soft hair, and then the most exquisite, fresh groove imaginable; sweet, scented, the wonder imbued Donna's senses.
   Standing up she instructed her pretty sex slaves to remove her clothes. As Helen lifted her top off Sophie pulled her skirt down, unveiling her breasts, her naked mound, her feminine beauty. All three naked now, Donna smiled and told the girls to cup her breasts, suck her nipples. Following her orders they each took a breast and kissed her nipples. Her hard buds responded delightfully, transmitting ripples of pleasure deep into her body. Her head swimming, her breathing unsteady, she instructed them to kneel before their mistress. This was it - two pretty girls grovelling at her feet, her dream about to come true!
  'Kiss and lick my inner thighs,' she commanded, standing with her feet wide apart. Two warm mouths pressing against her thighs, gently kissing. Two hot tongues licking, bathing the smooth skin with their saliva. The mistress trembled, inhaling, then in an outrush of breath ordered the girls to move up her thighs, slowly. Licking, kissing, they complied with their teasing caresses sending quivers up her spine, tingles through her clitoris as they neared her swollen pussy lips. 'Now lick between my legs and my lips,' she ordered explicitly, gazing down at the two naked bodies working solely to pleasure her - their mistress of lust. Twisting and pinching her nipples she felt the urgency in her womb, the desperate need to come, to outpour her juices from her sheath and drench the girls as a reward for their tender love. 'Let your hands run all over me. My legs, my bottom, my stomach - touch me all over with your fingers,' she panted. Silently the girls fondled her buttocks, gently caressed the baby-soft skin between the tops of her thighs, ran their fingers lightly over her smooth stomach as they continued their licking, mouthing, nibbling, sucking.
   'Now my cunt lips.' The pleading words of desperation bubbled from her pretty mouth. Biting, nibbling the soft swell of her lips, the girls moaned deeply, purred as they clung to their mistress's thighs. Pulling the vaginal lips apart their faces became wet with the milky fluid trickling from the open hole. Donna moaned deeply as she gasped her next instruction. 'I want your tongues between my pussy lips now. Lick my cunette!'
   A pair of tongues lapped at the luxuriant flesh, both urgently seeking entry to the source of the flow of juice. Sucking, drinking the fluid as it decanted, the girls began to massage each other's clitorises, finger each other. 'Don't touch each other!' Donna scolded. 'Pleasure me, not yourselves. Now I want as many fingers inside me as possible.'
   Two, three, four fingers pushed their way deep into Donna's writhing body, exploring, massaging the wet inner walls of her tube, inducing her cream to flow in torrents. 'Move behind me, Helen,' she whispered as she felt the birth of her orgasm deep within her contracting womb. Sophie licking at her clitoris, fingering her hot hole, and Helen licking the dark crease between her firm buttocks, she shuddered and cried out. Tongues licking, fingers teasing, caressing her trembling body, she collapsed into a crumpled heap on the floor. Squirming, she could do nothing to fight off her slaves as they locked their mouths between her legs, sucking out the last ripples of her climax, drinking from her spent body. 'Enough!' she cried as a finger rudely penetrated her smaller hole, wiggling and twisting as it explored her bowels.
   Donna lay still as Helen and Sophie moved away from her consumed body and turned their attention to each other. Licking each other's sticky slits, exploring, burrowing deep into the hot wetness within, they began their purring again. Their soft moans filled the air as they writhed, locked themselves in lesbian ecstasy, brought their clitorises to shuddering climaxes.
  Moving to the sofa, Donna watched them, wondering at her desire to have slaves - female sex slaves. She'd been bossy at school, a natural leader always in charge of the games they'd played. Perhaps that was why? But they'd never played games such as these.
   'Stop,' she ordered sharply in the realisation that her slaves were pleasuring each other without her permission. 'Sophie, roll over onto your stomach. Helen, thrash her for her impertinence.' What impertinence? They gazed at her, their wet mouths open in disbelief. 'Do as you're told!' she shouted. Obediently Sophie lay on her stomach, trembling, awaiting her fate.
   Helen smiled at Donna as she began to stroke and knead the slave girl's firm buttocks. Slapping each in turn, she looked to Donna again with a fire in her eyes - a fire of passion, lust. 'Harder,' Donna ordered. 'A proper thrashing.' Following her instructions Helen slapped harder, reddening the pale crescents as Sophie whimpered. 'Harder,' Donna repeated. In full swing now Helen beat the girl's buttocks with all her might, Sophie crying out and squirming exquisitely with each stinging blow. Wary of a possible escape attempt Donna leapt to the floor and sat on the girl's back, pinning her down as Helen continued the thrashing.
   At last Donna ordered the spanking to stop and Helen fell to the floor, her perspiring body exhausted. 'Want your revenge?' Donna asked, rolling Sophie onto her back. The girl's tearful eyes widened, her lips turning into a slight smile as she surveyed Helen's naked body.
   'Yes,' she whispered, moving towards Helen, her eyes glowing with desire.
   'On your front, Helen,' Donna ordered. 'You must be punished for punishing Sophie.'
   Doing her mistress's bidding, Helen lay on her stomach waiting for her beautiful punishment to commence. They were loving it, Donna knew, as she watched Sophie raise her hand over her friend's taut buttocks to bring it down with a sharp slap. Much to her delight Helen jumped and groaned with each blow until she cried out that she was coming. Thrusting her hand between Helen's legs, Donna located her wet groove and massaged her clitoris as Sophie continued the thrashing.
   'I'm coming, don't stop!' cried Helen as she flew high up to her heaven. Would she discover the angels of lust there? They didn't stop - on and on Sophie slapped her buttocks, Donna rubbing for all she was worth between her bloated cunt lips until, crying out her pleasure, crawling across the floor, Helen escaped and rested her used, sated body.
   'That was beautiful!' she gasped, gingerly rubbing her inflamed buttocks.
   'Did you enjoy it, Sophie?' Donna asked, gazing at the girl's hard nipples.
   'It hurt, but yes, I loved it.'
   'Good, now you may both thrash me - one to each buttock,' she instructed, taking her position on the floor and stretching out her naked body.
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Pornography with a good story line
Tuesday, 19 March 2013  | 

Pretty well written, what saves this book is the basic story. The characters seem to be real, and although in many ways it does offer male fantasies, I enjoyed it for other reasons as well. The science world must have been messing around with orgasm-inducing substancies (cf Viagra), so why not?

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