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A Desirable Property

A Desirable Property£3.99   £0.99

Lovely Jane and Moira learn that their chief hope of survival lays in total submission to their captors.

Bound Over

Bound Over£3.99   £1.99

Nothing can save Tiffany from a sentence of sexual submission in a privatised Correction House...

Caralissa's Conquest

Caralissa's Conquest£3.99   £3.39

The barbarian Varik makes Caralissa his slave. Will she become his obedient pet?

Corrective Measures

Corrective Measures£3.99   £0.99

Sizzling spanking stories of punishment implements and judicious settings.

Dr Casswell's Student

Dr Casswell's Student£3.99   £1.99

Stripped and bound, Sarah discovers what it is like to be a student of desire...

Further Training

Further Training£3.99   £0.99

Slave girl Charlotte is strictly re-educated at a correction centre until she pleads for clemency.

Haunting Lust

Haunting Lust£3.99   £1.99

Tina moves into an old house and becomes aware of a haunting sexuality flooding her being.

Legacy of Sin

Legacy of Sin£3.99   £0.99

Sally always ridiculed the idea of ghosts - until she visits a derelict house with her best friend.

Maid to Serve

Maid to Serve£3.99   £3.39

Hayley discovers the shocking truth about her employers in the basement of the manor house...

Sinful Seduction

Sinful Seduction£3.99   £3.39

Maggie's happy with her position as a maid, until she's seduced and sold to a house of shame.

Sixteen of the Best

Sixteen of the Best£3.99   £0.99

A bare bottom served up for punishment will always give the reader an erotic charge...

Taming Maria

Taming Maria£3.99   £3.59

Maria tries to fight back against her guardian's sexual discipline and domination.

The Collector

The Collector£3.99   £3.39

Lured into the lair of the cruel Dr Stikannos, Emily becomes subject to his perverse whims.

The Contract

The Contract£3.99   £1.99

Innocent submissive Emily stumbles into a world of pain, domination and submission...

The Trials of Laura Horton

The Trials of Laura Horton£3.99   £3.59

Will Laura keep her virginity, or will she succumb to the denizens of Victorian London?

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