Caralissa's Conquest

Caralissa's Conquest
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ISBN:  9781780800066
Author:  Reese Gabriel
Word Count:  73,457
Format:  eBook



Dream CaptiveDream Captive
Possessing AlluraPossessing Allura

Caralissa felt the blood drain from her face. The man was threatening his brother, warning her that if she did not cooperate, Varik himself might be eliminated. Was there no limit to Senelek's ambition, to his outrageous evil?
   'Varik will never be beaten by you,' she declared, retracting her face as far from his imperiously outthrust crotch as possible, given her kneeling position. 'You are not his equal, and that is why you hate him so much.'
   Senelek's eyes glowed a little more hotly. 'Perhaps I am his equal,' he crooned suggestively, his hands thick in her hair. 'In at least one area.'
   Caralissa clenched her fists. 'I yield my body to you, Senelek,' she said proudly. 'But my desire is something you will never have.'
   'Ah,' he said, feeding himself between her lips in a manner most satisfying to himself. 'But with the taking of your body shall come the possession of your heart, and even your very soul.'

Queen Caralissa has hair of red and nerves of steel, but when a powerful enemy captures her she soon learns what it is to submit. The barbarian warlord Varik makes Caralissa his slave and to her horror she finds herself yielding to his training, becoming his obedient pet.

Ransomed by her people, Caralissa thinks the worst is over, but she soon learns that her sister, Romila, and Romila's lover, Telos, have conspired against her. A mockery of a trial takes place resulting in Caralissa becoming a slave in her own castle, but intrigues continue and soon Romila finds herself chained beside her sister by the treacherous Telos. As the new king, Telos decides to sell both girls to a brothel, after making thorough use of their captive bodies.

Meanwhile Varik is trying to track down his former slave. Will Caralissa be rescued from her fate as a pleasure slave, and if so, will she ever be anything but a submissive female who craves the lash?

Upon their arrival at the castle, Trajor rode directly across the moat and into the courtyard. The dungeon keepers were already waiting for them. Caralissa identified them immediately by their sallow colouring and by their stained grey tunics. It was nearly enough to make her wretch. She had never once set foot in the dungeon, nor did she ever desire to do so. It was one of her goals, in fact, to eliminate the place entirely.
   Two of the dungeon men carried her, still bound in the ropes, as though she were a rolled carpet, they lumbered down the dank narrow stairway. The stairs were circular and they seemed to go on forever. Were it not for the steady drop in temperature and corresponding rise in dampness, she might almost believe they were taking her to the very pits of fire.
   Caralissa did not like it. Her tender skin, made even more sensitive by the ropes, prickled with every step. There were rumours about the dungeon and the horrors that supposedly took place down here. Stories of rats the size of cats and of brutal instruments of torture used on criminals too wicked to see the light of day.
   Surely they would not subject her to such things! She was only a temporary prisoner, a defendant being held for trial. They would never dare to harm her. In fact, by all rights she should be back in her room, under guard or house arrest, and not the dungeon at all.
   Caralissa stiffened, her ears pricking as she heard the mournful sound, a lonely, faraway wail. Was it some kind of bird or was it another sort of cry - a human scream to be precise? How she wished she could be with Trajor now, or even Alinor. Perish the thought, even to be in a room with Telos, his hand in her crotch, being forced to eat from his fork was better than this!
   At last the stairs ended and they were on level ground. It was difficult to see, the rough stoned walls being only imperfectly illuminated by the torches, one every twenty feet or so.
   In between the torches were rows of vertical metal bars. Doors to cells, within which, peering from the dark, she saw eyes. Human eyes, she assumed, though they seemed so lonely and large, so hollow and haunted. Every now and again there came the rustling of chain which made her wonder what sort of men were locked within those terrible cells. She shuddered to think what might happen to her should any of these desperate creatures actually seize hold of her and drag her into its filthy lair.
   In one cell she beheld bony knuckles on the bars and deep yellow eyes. As they passed the claw-like hand reached out to graze her tightly bound breast. The fingers made contact with her tender nipple, causing her to scream in horror. A guard came running down the passage and as they passed, he could be seen entering the cell, wielding a large wooden club. From inside came a terrible din as the man surrendered to a beating.
   Caralissa felt sorry for him. She hadn't wanted to be touched but he must be so lonely and she was, after all, only a female. Only a female. Had her thinking come to this, that she would so demean herself?
   She was grateful when they reached a better lit area, one with newer stone. Here the doors were rounded and wooden, like the ones upstairs in the castle. Before a particular one they stopped, one of the men rapping upon it lightly.
   'Enter,' she heard a gruff voice proclaim.
   They carried her across the threshold, depositing her on her feet before a wooden platform. Behind it, stooped over, a hammer and spike in his hand, stood an enormous man, both in girth and breadth of shoulders. His eyes were small and red. On his forehead was a birthmark in the shape of a small lake. Caralissa identified him at once as Drendel, the dungeon keeper. He seemed engrossed in breaking some bit of chain and did not even bother to look up at her.
   'Welcome, your majesty, to your humble abode.' The voice was all too familiar and she did not have to see the man emerge from the shadows behind Drendel to know it was Telos. 'What's the matter, your majesty - have you nothing to say to your royal food taster?'
   She looked at the man, doing her best to conceal her emotions - the revulsion, the shock, the hurt. 'I see the answer is no,' he conceded, his face locked in a superior expression, his gloating barely disguised. 'In that case, perhaps you would like to greet me instead in my new capacity as your defence attorney.'
   Caralissa narrowed her gaze. The news of this latest effrontery was serving to jar her from her earlier state of passivity. 'And by whose authority is this?' she demanded.
   'King Norod,' he said, folding his arms cockily. 'Apparently he was impressed with how well I took care of you this morning. Naturally, I assured him I would do a splendid job.'
   'Naturally,' Caralissa agreed dryly.
   Telos sighed, his narrow shoulders vibrating very slightly. 'I daresay you don't seem very excited. Should I take this personally?'
   'No, Telos, what you should take personally is your own upcoming execution - you and all the rest of your little cabal. And I assure you, this is an event I intend both to orchestrate and to personally witness, from a front row seat.'
   'Still the same old girl, I see.' He shook his head. 'I had so hoped the events of the last few hours in Trajor's company would have, shall we say, altered your disposition towards me?'
   She snorted. 'Trajor is a man, Telos. Too bad you aren't one yourself, or you might see for yourself if I've changed.'
   'Oh, I think I will see plenty,' he smirked, snapping his fingers to draw Drendel's attention. 'Keeper, remove the prisoner's bonds.'
   'I want to see my sister,' she demanded, as Drendel lumbered towards her with a sharp knife, easily stripping her of the cumbersome ropes. 'I want to see Romila.'
   'All in good time,' laughed Telos. 'Trust me, you'll find it worth the wait.'
   Caralissa didn't like the sound of that, not one bit. 'So will you,' she bluffed, 'because after I get out of here I plan on something special for you and your little friends from breakfast. I won't spoil the surprise, but I will say it involves your losing a bit of weight, from the neck up.'
   Telos smiled condescendingly. 'Save your breath,' he advised, striding to a place inches from her face. 'And concentrate on doing what you're told. For starters, we will require the removal of your clothing.'
   Caralissa straightened her back. If Telos thought he would play the part of the dominant warrior he was sadly mistaken. 'Go ahead and try,' she told him.
   'Really, Highness, do you think you are in a position to resist us?'
   A grunt came from Drendel, who was standing close behind her. 'Step aside,' he complained to Telos. 'I have no patience for your prattling. Eyeing Caralissa he growled, 'Girl, strip yourself naked before us. Arms extended and crossed. Now.'
   Caralissa complied, unable to meet Telos' gaze. It was as this morning, only worse, for now she was betraying her open and easy submission to the horrid dungeon keeper. She wished to fight the impulse, and yet, how could she help herself? Drendel was ugly and foul, but he was a man, strong, elemental. And she was a female; weak, desirous, needful to obey.
   Her knees trembling, her lips soft and open, Caralissa removed her dress. Gracefully, fearfully, she stood hands before her, wrists crossed, quite naked.
   Caralissa saw the chains, dangling and gleaming in Drendel's hands as he fetched them from the worktable.
   'You will not get away with this,' she promised Telos as the man began to lock her in the merciless bonds of steel.
   'I already have,' Telos countered. 'I already have.'
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caralissas conquest
Monday, 25 May 2015  | 

Very enjoyable thank you.

One of the Best
Wednesday, 9 January 2013  | 

I have to tell you that I have just re-read Caralissa's Conquest. I can't tell you how much I enjoyed that book. It is one of Chimera's best and hopefully Reese Gabriel can be convinced to write something similar in the near future. Real good action throughout.

Bound to Appeal!
Saturday, 9 January 2010  | 

If you like the whole Gor/Robert Howard vibe then Caralissa's Conquest from Chimera Books is bound to appeal. The dialogue has the slightly camp feel of the Conan films, and one suspects that Reese Garbriel's tongue was at least partially in his cheek when he was writing this. Don your furry loincloth, whip out your broadsword and settle back to enjoy.

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