Further Training

Further Training
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ISBN:  9781907976445
Author:  Sarah Veitch
Word Count:  49,741
Format:  eBook



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He smiled as he forced her to her knees. 'You cheat and lie constantly, Miss Churr, so now I'm going to give you something to think about.'
   So saying, he fastened a heavy studded collar around her neck and attached a long leash to it. Then he made her crawl over to the hated whipping stool.
   'I'm sorry I lied,' she mumbled as he bent her into place.
  'Ten lashes of the cane for lying to your Mistress,' he said promptly. 'And ten more for plotting to kidnap Suki. And ten for stealing clothes from a washing line.' He bound her wrists and ankles to the lower quarters of the stool then crouched at her face. 'I'll give the naughty puppy her first ten strokes then take her over to show the others her striped backside.'
   'Yes, sir,' Charlotte whispered, cringing inside.

Charlotte is such a disobedient slave girl that she's transferred to island two of a vast correction centre. There she's strictly re-educated at the shame-based school and military academy until she pleads for clemency.

But Charlotte comes up with a scheme to thwart her superiors. The only drawback is that she'll be assigned to the sadistic Karo if the plan backfires...

'Private Churr,' said one of the men who was dressed as a police constable, 'I'm arresting you for deserting your post in the army. Anything you say can be used in evidence in a court of law.'
   'But you're policemen. Doesn't the army have its own court martial officers?' Charlotte mumbled, wishing that she was wearing clothes. She put her hands over her pubis to shield it from the constant male gaze.
   The constables stared at her pink-nippled breasts for a few seconds. The older looking of the men was still staring at her teats when he answered. 'The army has washed its hands of you. You're going to the island's prison now.'
   First she'd been expelled from school and now the army. Whatever next?
   'Can I put on my clothes?' she asked, pointing to her khaki uniform.
   'You can put on the prison uniform. It has your number on it. See? Prisoner three,' the constable said.
   Charlotte looked morosely at the minuscule grey tunic. Slipping it over her head, she found that it showed off her breasts to the areolae and the hem barely covered the tops of her thighs. The clothing designer at the Training Grounds either had a cruel sense of humour or was constantly short of material. Either that or they were a throwback to the sixties and thought that the mini-skirt was still in vogue. She stared at the number three which was emblazoned over each bra cup and on the pubis of her prison issue panties.
   'Are prisoners one and two as sartorially fortunate?' she asked.
   'Sart... what?' the policeman asked dully.
   'I mean, what the fuck are they wearing?' Charlotte asked.
   A momentary understanding showed in the man's largely expressionless eyes.
   'Prisoner one is currently in isolation so she's bare-ass naked. And prisoner two has been handcuffed to a tree to await a judicial thrashing from the governor as soon as he finds the time. She's cuffed to an overhead branch so her tunic has ridden right up.' He looked gloatingly at Charlotte's vulnerable haunches. 'Seems to me you'll soon be joining her - and so soon after your paddling and caning too.'
   'Thank you for reminding me cunt-stable,' she said heavily and the constable glared.
   'We'll see who has all the funny answers when I've got my truncheon right up you,' he muttered.
   Charlotte turned to his colleague. 'Is he allowed to speak to an unconvicted prisoner like that?'
   The second man smiled and nodded. 'Uh huh. There's no police ombudsman here - just us and our administrative assistant Suki. We can do what we like with a deserter until we deliver her to the prison governor.'
   At the thought of Suki, who she'd come over here with on the motorboat, Charlotte cheered up. At least she'd have one ally in the system who might help her get an early release.
   'I'll escort the prisoner to the punishment block as she's been so rude to us,' the first policeman said, pulling Charlotte's wrists behind her back and clicking on handcuffs. The metal felt cold and harsh against her wrists.
   'Don't you have to read me my Miranda rights or something?' she asked, aware that the cruel stretch on her arms made her pink-nippled breasts jut out obscenely. She pulled at the metal cuffs but they held fast.
   'You've been watching too many cop shows, love,' said the man who Charlotte had begun to think of as PC Plod.
   'And you haven't?' she asked sarcastically.
   'Walk in front of me and think about what my truncheon is going to feel like,' he continued, ignoring her jibe.
   'And if I don't?' she muttered, noting nervously that the second policeman was taking his nightstick from his holdall.
   'If you don't we'll give you lots of encouragement,' the first PC said, slapping his palm against his thigh.
   Knowing that she couldn't win for now, Charlotte walked ahead of the men, still overwhelmingly aware of her nudity. She turned left and right at their instructions and eventually found herself facing a camp of timber buildings with bars on the windows. It was fronted by yet another punishment yard. Leastways, it had a chilling assortment of racks, birching benches and fences within its walls.
   'Suck it,' said the older policeman, holding his truncheon out.
   'Suck it yourself,' Charlotte muttered. She looked around desperately for Suki, the one person who could get her out of this.
   'This is a punishment exercise. Either you do as you're told or you'll feel my colleague's nightstick across your arse,' PC Plod said.
   Charlotte looked again at his relatively long, thin truncheon and just couldn't bring herself to suck it. Instead, she made a run for the prison gates.
   Unfortunately, running with hands cuffed behind her back made for a very ungainly sprint and she was soon captured. Both men pulled her back to the wall and one held her down whilst the other pulled her prison tunic off. The strong armed man continued to hold her in place by gripping her underarms whilst his colleague applied his nightstick sharply to her flesh.
   'Ah! Ow! Stop!' Charlotte gasped as the stick bit into her buttocks in quick succession. 'Oh, aah, please!' she wailed as the stick continued to berate her curves.
   The nightstick lashed into the fullness of her arse, into the lower curve and even into her thigh backs. The fact that her wrists were still handcuffed behind her back meant that she could do nothing to protect herself.
   Charlotte jerked about desperately on the rough hewn wall as they continued to apply the nightstick to her extremities. Her belly rubbed against the stonework and her tits hung down. Each time the stick bit into her, she jumped then writhed in place for a few seconds. When she calmed down the policeman applied the hateful punisher again.
   'I'll do anything,' she sobbed at last.
   'Good girl. Suck the truncheon like it's your favourite flavoured lolly,' the older PC said.
   Her tears falling onto the heavy rubber blackness, Charlotte obeyed him.
   'Now lie back on that punishment table and spread your legs.'
   Numbly she followed his pointing finger and saw a low table with straps at all four corners. It was similar to ones she'd seen on the first isle of the Training Grounds. Charlotte slowly approached it then realised that she couldn't clamber on top with her hands still cuffed.
   Recognising this, one of the constables freed her then she pulled herself onto the trestle, lay down on her back and parted her thighs.
   'Spread them further,' ordered one man.
   'And stretch out your arms,' ordered the other.
   Charlotte obeyed and they tethered her in place. The older man then took a large tube from his inner pocket and smeared some of the cream over his fingers.
   'Right, sweetheart, let's get you lubed up.'
   'What has this got to do with my going AWOL from the military?' Charlotte muttered as his oily fingers approached her vulva.
   'Such humiliations form part of your arrest-based punishment,' the younger cop said.
   'Gee, and don't you just have to force yourself to do it,' the British girl said sarcastically, then cried out as strong fingers touched her sensitive sexual fronds.
   'I do believe you're wet already,' one of the policemen added, staring at her pink tunnel.
   'In your dreams,' Charlotte replied.
   She was about to think up another insult or two when she felt the slender truncheon probing at her entrance. The lube must have made her very slippery for the rubber soon slid all the way in.
   'Mark, you gently stroke her clit while I fuck her with this,' the older policeman said.
   Mark immediately obliged. To Charlotte's surprise, he clearly understood just how to pleasure a clitoris, stroking round the perimeter very rhythmically and lightly. To her chagrin, she found herself becoming increasingly turned on. But she just couldn't let herself come like this - she just couldn't. She peered dazedly at the older policeman as he shafted her with the long black truncheon and couldn't bear his gloating grin.
   'Can't get it up?' she taunted.
   'Rule thirty three says we cannot have sex with a prisoner.'
   'So stop boring the hell out of this one by playing with your truncheon,' Charlotte said. She thought for a moment, remembering that she'd had sex with the doctor. 'But some of the men have sex with the women here.'
   'Only the vasectomised males,' the cop said, pushing the truncheon in and out, in and out. Charlotte's breathing quickened and lust spread all the way through her sugar walls.
   Determined to hide her arousal, she forced a yawn.
   'You're bored, are you, my sweet?'
   To her shame she could hear that the truncheon was now making a squelching sound as it was pulled halfway out of her vulva.
   'Very bored,' she lied then grunted with increasing desire.
   'We'll just bore you for another fifteen minutes then it will be time for your formal Induction,' the clitoral-pleasurer said.
   'Whatever,' Charlotte gasped out, feeling her nipples pulsing with enhanced desire.
   'Oh, you must be getting even more excited cause it's going further up you,' the truncheon-wielder said. 'You're so wet that my truncheon's dripping.'
   'And your clit is so hot that it's almost burning my fingers,' the other policeman cut in.
   Her orgasm fast approaching, she turned her head to one side and saw Suki watching from a distance. But the Oriental girl was too far away for Charlotte to call to her - and by now Charlotte was much too aroused to shout.
   'I'll make you lick my truncheon clean after you come,' the older man said.
   'Or we could leave her tethered her for a while and show her to the other prisoners.'
   'And we could...' the truncheon-user added, but Charlotte didn't hear the rest of his suggestion for she came and came.
   Her orgasm went on and on, spreading across her belly, across her pubis to her thighs. She pushed down hard against the rubber pleasurer, her moans echoing through the quiet punishment yard.
   At last her orgasm subsided and the men untied her and helped her to her feet. Charlotte took a few tentative steps towards her tiny prison uniform.
   'No sweetheart, let's show your very wet pussy to the prison governor,' the younger man said. He pointed towards the nearest building which had a bright blue door. 'We'll leave you in his capable hands and I'm sure he'll soon leave you alone with both your fellow prisoners.' He smiled. 'They're both female, of course, and they both like pretty white girls.'

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Further Training
Friday, 21 January 2011  | 

I have just finished reading Sarah Veitch's latest book and think it one of her best to date. It's one of those you just dont want to put down.

Charlotte is always getting into trouble and takes some superb punishment, humiliation and pleasure at the hands of her numerous trainers. Even though she is mainly in the wrong I couldn't help identifying with and liking Charlotte. Is she an obstinate and wilful young lady or is she just misunderstood? I leave it to you to make your own mind up.

The spanking, caning and birching scenes are some of the best I have ever read. They are never overtly brutal but at the same time are very firm. There are also some very enjoyable scenes involving instruments of correction and enforced pleasures.

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