Haunting Lust

Haunting Lust
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ISBN:  9781780800974
Author:  Ray Gordon
Word Count:  91,924
Format:  eBook



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Reaching the top of the stairs, Tina became uneasy. Wishing that she'd asked Luke to stay, she found herself in a large room full of cobwebs. The dirty skylight barely lit the musty room but she could just make out a table positioned in the centre of the floor. Moving nearer, she discovered that the top was covered with soft leather, with steel rings screwed to the four corners. Running her hand over the leather top, she decided to look for a light switch and turned to the doorway...

When twenty-year-old Tina Wilson moves into the old Victorian house that had been left to her, she suddenly becomes aware of a heightened new sexuality flooding through every fibre of her being.

The mystery of what had triggered this powerful change is discovered in the attic, where she finds a hidden torture chamber and old diaries that reveal the true nature of the occult force that has possessed her with this haunting lust.

'Hi, Tina,' Kathy beamed as the front door opened.
   'Kathy, Come in.'
   'So, this is your inheritance,' Kathy remarked, gazing around the huge hallway. 'Christ, it's big enough, isn't it?'
   'Too big, really, but I like it. I'll make some coffee in a minute, but first, I want to show you something upstairs,' Tina bubbled, eyeing the girl's thin summer dress clinging to her gentle feminine curves.
   Climbing the stairs to the attic, Tina wondered at which point Kathy would lose all recollection of her visit to the pleasure room. Aware of Katherine's presence now, she shuddered, her body becoming strangely light, her mind swimming as her aunt began to possess her. Her hands trembling, her heart racing, she took a deep breath as the possession became complete.
   Entering the pleasure room, Kathy stopped and turned to Tina, her huge brown eyes glazed. She wore the same vacant expression Lucy had acquired during her visit. Tina smiled - the spell was cast.
   'You have no control now,' she hissed, stroking the girl's soft cheek. 'You'll remember nothing about this. All you will remember is coming here and having coffee and a chat. Now, I'm going to undress you, disrobe your beautiful fresh body and make love you.'
   Moving behind her victim, Tina unbuttoned the girl's dress and pulled the thin material over Kathy's shoulders. Unclipping her bra, she smiled. 'You'll enjoy this,' she murmured, turning the girl round and lifting the bra clear of her full breasts. 'I'll bet you've never had your nipples sucked by another woman.'
   Taking the hard milk bud between her lips, Tina opened her mouth to suck in the girl's areola, moaning her pleasure through her nose as she ran her tongue around the erect nipple. 'You have lovely long nipples,' she drooled, tugging the girl's dress down over her hips. Kneeling down, she ran her fingers over the alluring red panties bulging before her hungry eyes. 'I want you to pull your knickers down and show me your pretty pussy,' she whispered, lovingly kissing the soft material. 'Step out of the dress and pull your knickers down for me like a good girl.'
   Slipping her thumbs beneath the elasticated waistband, Kathy peeled her panties away from her mound, revealing her dark curls. Gazing at the pink girl-slit, Tina leaned forward, breathing in the heady perfume of her friend's young sex. 'You smell nice,' she purred, teasing the opening groove with her tongue. 'And you taste even better.'
   Kneading the firm flesh of the girl's stomach, she moved her head down and pushed her tongue between Kathy's rubbery inner lips, locating the secret entrance to her wettening sex-duct. Savouring the slippery juices, Tina breathed heavily, her own vagina now producing a copious stream of lubricious essence.
   'And now for the chair,' she rasped excitedly, rising to her feet and kissing her victim's generous mouth. Standing Kathy with her legs either side of the chair, she gently lowered her, carefully opening her succulent pussy lips and guiding the larger shaft into her sodden vaginal sheath. Parting the girl's buttocks, she presented the rounded tip of the smaller shaft to the tight circlet of brown tissue and eased her further down, completely impaling her young body. Swinging the wooden arms round, Tina clipped the pegs to Kathy's long nipples and grinned sadistically. 'Roll up, all the fun of the fair. Now you're ready for the ride of your life!'
   Kathy's curvaceous body jolted as Tina flicked the switch. The magical chair humming, the shafts thrusting between her splayed legs, her pinched nipples rhythmically stretching, she lay back with her eyes closed, her mouth open. Kneeling between her legs, Tina watched the incredible spectacle, gasping as the girl's oily vaginal lips rolled back and forth along the wet shaft as it drove into her tightening pussy.
   Noticing a lever beneath the chair, she pulled it, wondering what other secrets the incredible invention could hold. Gazing in amazement as the chair reclined, she was puzzled for a moment. But when Kathy's body lay horizontal, her head three feet from the floor, resting on the narrow, padded, wooden plank, Tina grinned.
   Slipping her wet knickers off, she stood with her thighs either side of Kathy's head, her open groove perfectly aligned with the girl's mouth. The chair's inventor certainly had a good imagination, she mused, looking down at her slave's pretty face and ordering her to push out her tongue and lick.
   Thrust ever nearer to her orgasm, Kathy licked at Tina's drenched sex valley, drinking the slippery juices as they drained from her mistress's trembling body. Tina gasped her delight with every sweep of her slave's tongue, swivelling her shapely hips to centre her swelling clitoris over her mouth.
   All too soon Kathy shuddered, moaning through a mouthful of wet flesh as her body became rigid with orgasm. Her own clitoris throbbing, Tina reached down and opened her pouting cunt lips, exposing her complex interior folds to the girl's hungry mouth. Both convulsing now, they cried their cries of climax, soaring high on the summit of their debauchery, revelling in their debased female coupling.
   Her legs weak with sex, Tina staggered forward, slipping her open groove from Kathy's wet mouth. Watching as the girl began to shudder in her second coming, she wondered how many orgasms she should allow her slave to endure. Not too many, she thought, staring at the girl's perspiring body as it rocked in time with the pistoning shafts.
   Pulling on the lever, Tina moved Kathy to the upright position and flicked the switch. 'That's enough for now because I have something else in store for you,' she confided, releasing the girl's sore and distended nipples. 'Now, stand up slowly and lie on the table for me,' she instructed. Her vagina dripping with her hot come as the wooden glans slipped from her pussy lips, Kathy lifted her body from the hard shafts.
   'Over to the table,' Tina coaxed, guiding her victim. 'That's it, now lie on your stomach and I'll give you a good thrashing.' Taking a whip, she grinned, a sinister glint in her eye as she dragged the leather tails between the swell of the girl's buttocks. 'I'm going to enjoy this!' she hissed, raising the whip menacingly above her head.
   Swishing the tails through the air, she laughed as they centred on their virginal target with a loud crack. Kathy cried out, her body jerking with each deliciously stinging lash. Watching the pink weals spread across the twitching orbs, Tina continued her flogging, bringing the whip down with an uncanny vengefulness. The girl's buttocks tightening, her crease narrowing with every strike, she squirmed and writhed in her painful pleasure.
   Administering twenty or so lashes, Tina's aching arm eventually forced her to stop. Discarding the whip, she examined her handiwork, massaging the inflamed cushions of flesh, pulling them apart to expose the portal to the girl's hot bowels. Pushing her thumb past the resisting muscles, she explored the inner flesh of the luxurious tube. Easing her fingers into the wetness of the girl's vaginal sheath, she pressed her digits together, gently manipulating the thin dividing membranes between the two love channels. As if sleeping, Kathy lay motionless, her defenceless young body crudely violated, used by her mistress to satisfy her burning desires.
   'And now I think it's my turn,' Tina began, wondering what obscenities she could instruct the girl to commit. 'Get off the table, and you can bring me some pleasure,' she ordered. Taking Kathy's place, she told her to kiss her breasts, suck hard on her erect breast-buds. Following her command, the slave leaned forward and took a nipple into her mouth, sucking hard, extending the brown protuberance.
   'That's good,' Tina breathed. 'Now finger my cunt. Use all your fingers to stretch my cunt open wide.' Reaching down, Kathy located the wet entrance to Tina's cavern and pushed all four fingers between her rubicund pussy lips. 'Yes, that's it!' Tina whimpered. 'Stir them round, twist your fingers, move them about and thrust at the same time. Ah, yes, yes!'
   Mechanically following her orders, Kathy fingered the contracting sheath, inducing a deluge of milky come to spew from its nectaries. Tina spread her arms and legs, opening her body completely to her slave as she rolled her eyes in her sexual euphoria.
   Her climax trembling deep within her pelvis, she stammered her next instruction. 'My clit... I'm coming, suck my clitoris.' Dutifully obeying her mistress, Kathy moved her head down to Tina's exposed clitoris and sucked it into her mouth, hardening the pulsing protrusion with her flicking tongue. 'God, that's good!' Tina gasped, wrenching her cunt lips apart to expose the entire length of her throbbing bud to the girl's inquisitive tongue. 'Finger my bum, too,' she cried, her body shaking violently.
   Her finger locating the small entrance, Kathy eased it inside, opening her mistress there, bringing her delicious sensations of sex as she explored within the heat of her bowels. 'Fuck both my holes with your fingers,' Tina hissed, her eyes rolling, her mouth dry with her gasping.
   Her slave working between her legs, she shuddered as her entire body rocked in her debauchery, taking her to such heights of perversion as she'd never known existed. Her climax ripping through her very soul, Tina grabbed the girl's head, stilling her mouth on her clitoris as the ripples of lust waned, leaving her panting, oozing with hot come.
   'Now lick my cunt clean,' she gasped in her semi-conscious state. 'Drink the come from my cunt.' Following her instruction, Kathy licked the length of Tina's crimson valley, slurping up her girl-come until she was clean. Rolling her exhausted body over, Tina ordered the girl to lick between her buttocks. Gasping each time Kathy's tongue passed her sensitive hole in its journey up and down the dank crease, Tina shuddered in the grips of the lewd sensations. 'Put your tongue inside,' she cried, reaching behind her and pulling her buttocks wide apart. 'Ah, yes! That's good, push, lick!' she stammered as the girl's tongue pushed against the sacred circlet of brown tissue in an effort to gain entrance to her bowels.
   Round and round Kathy's tongue ran, lubricating, searching, until finally the hot tip slipped inside the tight hole. Tina shuddered, gasping her expletives as Kathy forced her tongue further inside her body, her saliva running down her crease to bathe her swelling cunt lips. 'Finger my cunt!' Tina ordered. Her body bloated, she cried out her obscenities as Kathy thrust deep into her spasming sex-duct and licked just inside the entrance to her bottom-hole. Lewd images of the girl's nipple inside her bottom-hole, her breast inside her open cunt-hole, filled Tina's mind as her climax welled up again and ravaged her body.
   'God, that's enough!' she screamed as she thought she'd explode with the pleasure between her outstretched legs. Relinquishing her fingers, slipping her tongue from the small hole, Kathy moved back, silently awaiting her further instructions as her mistress rested in the wake of her mind-blowing climax.

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Haunting Lust
Tuesday, 7 February 2012  | 

This book is brilliant and can be highly reccommended. The highlight for me was the dealing with Caroline. Let us have more by this author.

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