Legacy of Sin

Legacy of Sin
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ISBN:  9781780802572
Author:  Ray Gordon
Word Count:  91,605
Format:  eBook



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Grabbing my arm, he swung me round and pushed me over the table. Pinning me down with one hand, he slapped my naked buttocks with his palm. I yelped, my bottom bucking as he slapped my twitching buttocks again. Laughing uncontrollably, he repeatedly spanked me, the stinging pain permeating the firm orbs of my defenceless bottom.

Sally always ridiculed the idea of ghosts - until she visits a spooky derelict house with her best girlfriend, Jane.

But when she hears a loud thud upstairs and Jane goes to investigate, her beliefs are turned on their head, for her nubile friend emerges from the house with her clothes hanging from her body and seemingly under the spell of some strange phantom sexual presence.

Soon, both girls find themselves entwined in the dark secrets of the house, and what starts off playfully enough soon escalates into something far darker...

There was a church at the end of the street, so I walked rather than drove. Not sure whether the priest would be there as I pushed the huge oak door open, I stepped inside. Cold air wafting up my short skirt, cooling my naked pussy, I walked down the aisle to the altar. The church was as eerie as the house, I mused, shivering as I looked around the huge building. My erect nipples brushing against the soft silk of my blouse as I turned and noticed light emanating from a side room, my heart missed a beat as a figure appeared in the doorway.
   "Good morning," the priest smiled, walking towards me.
   "Hallo," I breathed, wondering what to say. "I... I'd like to ask you about exorcism."
   "Exorcism?" He looked me up and down. "You'd better come into my office."
   Following him into the small room, I sat in an old armchair as he perched himself on the edge of his desk and clasped his hands. He was a lot younger that I'd imagined a priest would be, probably in his mid-thirties. He wasn't bad looking, either. Wondering why he'd become a man of the cloth as I eyed his cassock, I offered him a smile.
   "What do you want to know?" he asked, returning my smile.
   "Well, there's a house," I began. "I'm thinking of buying it but... It's haunted."
   "Haunted?" he echoed with a hint of disbelief.
   "It's a long story. Many years ago, a man was murdered there. He's come back to haunt the place."
   "Have you seen him?"
   "No, but... I've seen the girls. There are also two girls haunting the house."
   He glanced at my naked thighs. "I see," he murmured. "I'm not sure whether I can help you. I've never performed an exorcism, but I do know someone who might be able to help you. The problem is, he lives in Cornwall."
   "Oh," I sighed. "Can't you try? I mean, you must know what to do."
   "I know what to do, but..."
   "The house isn't far from here."
   He slipped off the desk and walked across the room to a small sink and worktop. "Would you like a cup of tea?" he asked, switching a kettle on.
   "Tell me about the girls you saw."
   "One of them was looking out of the window. They're the ghosts of..."
   "How do you know they're ghosts?"
   "Well, I... I went into the house and spoke to them. I know it sounds silly, but it's true. The man... He's able to possess people. You see, the house is derelict, has been for some time. As I said, it's a long story."
   "It's an amazing story." Pouring the tea, he passed me a cup and sat on the desk again. "Sometimes the mind plays tricks," he smiled.
   "Oh, no. Not in this case," I returned, shaking my head. "The man possessed a friend of mine and..."
   "Possession is..."
   "Please, let me finish. The man possessed a friend of mine and raped me."
   He gazed into my eyes and frowned. "That's quite an accusation."
   "When we left the house, my friend had no recollection of what had happened. I've discovered that the murdered man was a sex maniac. He's come back to... Well, to satisfy his lust through others."
   He gave me a puzzled look. "What happened, exactly?" he asked.
   "I took my friend to the house to show him round. Suddenly, his eyes glazed over and he tore my blouse off. I was unable to move, to defend myself as he ripped my skirt off. He then tore my knickers off and... He made me kneel down and ... He forced me to suck him."
   "Go on."
   "After that, he made me bend over a table and he... he raped me. Another time when we were at the house, he was possessed again and he had anal sex with me."
   "You went back to the house with him after he'd raped you?"
   "Yes. I know it was stupid, but I went back." Lowering his eyes to my thighs, he adjusted his cassock. I wondered whether my story had turned him on as he licked his lips. "I took a girlfriend there," I continued. "She was possessed and forced me to have sex with her."
   "A girlfriend?" he echoed.
   "Yes, she raped me, made me do things to her. I had no power over my actions, I couldn't help myself." His cassock rising, his penis obviously stiffening, his arousal was obviously soaring. "She took her clothes off and lay on the table. She made me lick her. You know, between her legs."
   "I really don't know what to say," he murmured, sipping his tea. "I have to admit that it's rather difficult to believe."
   "I realize that," I sighed, parting my thighs and reclining in the chair. "Another time, my friend forced me to bend over the table. He whipped my bottom with a length of rope." His eyes widened as my skirt rode up my thighs. "And my breasts were lashed with a branch from a bush."
   "I really can't believe..."
   "I'll show you," I said, leaping to my feet.
   "No, no you don't have to show me."
   Unbuttoning my blouse, I parted the white silk and exposed my rounded breasts, my succulent nipples. Standing before him, provocatively cupping my mammary spheres, I showed him the weals. A quiver running through my womb, my areolae darkening, I moved closer to him. My nipples stiffening, my clitoris swelling, I wondered whether he wanted to suckle my milk teats.
   "Do you believe me now?" I asked, squeezing my firm breasts and distending my brown nipples.
   He remained silent for a few seconds. "Well, I..." he began, obviously stunned.
   Turning, I bent over and lifted my skirt. "There," I said. "You can see that I've been thrashed. I can't wear knickers because I'm sore."
   "God," he breathed as I placed my hands on the floor and projected my naked buttocks. "Please, you don't have to do this."
   "There's more," I said, standing up and turning to face him. "I'm only showing you to prove that I'm not lying." Lifting my skirt, I showed him my pouting vaginal lips, my partially open sex crack. "As you can see, my vulva's been shaved and thrashed."
   His eyes almost popping out of his head, his cassock tenting, he gazed in awe at the hairless lips of my vagina, the deep ravine of my cunt. I wondered whether to pretend that I was possessed as he looked at my blatantly exposed femininity, but I had a better idea. Lowering my skirt, I stood before him with my blouse open, the rounded globes of my breasts displayed.
   "You have to help me," I whimpered, feigning tears as I wiped my eyes. "I think there's a demon in me, forcing me to commit crude sexual acts."
   "I really don't know what to do," he sighed, his dark eyes locked to my elongated nipples.
   "Can't you drive the demon out?" I asked.
   "Well, I could try."
   "I read a book about it. If I lay on the altar, you could say prayers to drive the demon out."
   "You can't lay on the altar," he replied, his eyes transfixed to my erect breast buds.
   "Please, you must help me," I sobbed. "I can't go on like this. I can't endure the crude sex any more."
   "All right, do your blouse up and come with me," he smiled, leaving the room.
   Following him to the altar, I hurriedly sipped out of my skirt and blouse as he moved the huge candles to one side. My vaginal sheath contracting, my lust juices decanting, my stomach somersaulted as I watched him move a large cross and several brass cups to one side, clearing the altar for me. Finally turning, he gasped as he focused on my naked body.
   "No," he breathed. "Not naked!"
   "I have to be naked," I replied, clambering onto the altar.
   "This is God's house. You can't..."
   "I'm begging you to help me" I broke in. My buttocks over the edge of the altar, my legs dangling, I lay back and parted my thighs. My sex crack gaping, I wondered what he was thinking as I looked up at the roof. "Please, you must try," I murmured, opening my thighs further.
   "No, this is wrong. Please, put your clothes on."
   "Just try. Put your hands on me and say a prayer."
   Placing his warm hands on the smooth plateau of my stomach, he breathed deeply, mumbling incoherent words as he closed his eyes. His hand moving down, dangerously close to my hairless sex mound, I wondered whether he'd be able to suppress his male desires and stop himself from touching my swollen vaginal lips. He ventured closer to my yawning vaginal groove, his trembling fingertips gently massaging and kneading the rise of my naked mons. Watching him through my eyelashes, I knew that the petals of my wet inner lips would be peeping at him as he opened his eyes and gazed between my legs.
   Further, his inquisitive fingers moved down, hovering at the top of my open crack where my love lips fuse. Placing his hands on my inner thighs, his fingers massaging the creases between the swell of my outer lips and the tops of my legs, I knew he'd succumb to his male instincts. His thumbs pressing into the fleshy cushions, he parted my sex hillocks, exposing the pink flesh glistening within my vaginal crack.
   Trembling, my juices of love trickling from my open love mouth, I tried not to gasp as he parted my fleshy lips further. His penis would be solid, I mused, his knob swollen in arousal. Did he want to fuck me? I wondered as he examined my inner folds. He'd never forget the alluring sight, I knew as he leaned forward, his wide eyes staring at my exposed clitoris, my gaping love hole. He'd probably wank in his office, shoot his spunk over the floor as he pictured my naked cunt.
   "I can feel something," I said, lifting my head. "I feel as if... I feel faint."
   "Are you all right?" he asked.
   "Yes, I just feel a little..." My head flopping onto the altar, I relaxed as if I'd fainted.
   "Can you hear me?" he murmured...

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Supernatural lust gives a stimulating read!
Wednesday, 1 August 2012  | 

Ray Gordon shows us the baser carnal desires of a young woman, Sally, by taking her on a journey of erotic discovery in a haunted house. The house is inhabited by three highly sexed spectres, and with their help, Sally is able to take hypnotic sexual control of anyone she can entice inside. Sally realises she is getting in too deep when her increasing nymphomaniac desires begin to encroach on her every day life away from the house. She needs sex, any kind of sex, and she doesn't care who or how many partners she has. This ghostly story is written from Sally's viewpoint, and Ray does a great job of getting inside her head as she sinks deeper into the realms of sexual depravity. His explicit descriptions of the action paint vivid mind pictures for the readers of this tale of supernatural lust. A very stimulating read. Thanks Ray!

a very stimulating read
Wednesday, 27 June 2012  | 

Ray certainly doesn't leave much to the imagination in this book. Enjoyed the story and envied Sally very much.

An excellent read with amazing sex and a brilliant storyline
Tuesday, 10 April 2012  | 

I've read several of Ray Gordon's books and this has to be the best yet. Ghosts, young girls, sex and a haunted house... A great read. I just hope we have more books like this in the future.

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