Maid to Serve

Maid to Serve
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ISBN:  9781780800004
Author:  Ray Gordon
Word Count:  53,519
Format:  eBook



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'How is she doing?' Belinda asked her husband, her sultry tone doing nothing to disturb the erotically charge mood in the bedroom.
   'Very well,' he breathed, his chest expanding as he inhaled deeply and let the pleasures of Hayley's inexperienced mouth wash over him. 'She's doing very well indeed, believe me.'

When shy Hayley lands herself the job of housemaid at Hadleigh Manor, she is over the moon. Her employer, Michael Phillips, a successful music producer, warms to her immediately, although his interest in her doesn't go unnoticed by his wife, Belinda.

Hayley's ambition is to eventually gain a position with a famous celebrity, and Michael has contacts. But his cold wife has other plans for Hayley, and she has to endure painful ordeals and humiliating spankings if she's to obtain a good reference.

Time passes and promises of a position with a celebrity friend seem empty, so Hayley decides to give up her job and leave. But then she is stunned to discover the shocking truth about her employers... in the foreboding basement of the manor house.

'Hayley,' Belinda said, making her jump, 'I need your help. Come with me.'
   'Where to?' she asked shakily, wondering where the woman had appeared from, her spirits plummeting as she realised her attempt to get away was looking like being thwarted.
   'Where's Amy?' Belinda asked.
   'I, um, I don't know,' Hayley said, somewhat unconvincingly. 'I haven't seen her for a while.'
   'No?' Belinda sneered. 'Well my beloved husband has. He's seen plenty of her.'
   Following her mistress into the hall, Hayley watched her open the basement door. Something bad was going on, she sensed as Belinda ushered her through the door and down the stone steps. Should she refuse to go down to the basement? Should she simply tell Belinda that she was resigning and leaving while she had the chance? What was holding her back?
   Hesitating indecisively she descended the steps to the basement and looked about her. What help did Belinda need down here? She must have discovered her husband's infidelity, Hayley was sure as the woman closed the door, but what did that have to do with her? Eyeing the steel rings set in the four corners of the table, and the lengths of rope dangling from them, she knew this was getting distinctly ominous.
   'Lie on the table,' Belinda ordered her.
   'What?' Hayley gasped. 'Why would you want me to do that?'
   'Lie on the table, young lady,' the woman repeated menacingly.
   'No, I won't,' Hayley insisted.
   'You stole some money from me, didn't you?' the woman accused her.
   'I did what?' Hayley said incredulously, utterly bewildered by this turn of events. 'Of course I didn't steal any money from you. I'm not a thief, Mrs Philips. I didn't even know you'd lost any money.'
   'I found it in your room,' Belinda went on, regardless of the denial. 'Initially I thought Amy was the sneaky little thief, but I kept an eye on her and soon realised that she knew nothing about it. So I had a look in your room and found it under your bed—'
   'But I haven't a clue what you're talking about,' Hayley interrupted the woman. 'I haven't stolen any money from you, there's no way it could be in my room, and to suggest such a thing is completely unforgivable.'
   'Later I saw you go downstairs,' the woman went on, regardless of Hayley's plaintive denial. 'I'd inched my bedroom door open so I could keep an eye on you. I followed you, Hayley. You hid the money in the kitchen.'
   'No I didn't,' Hayley gasped. 'I haven't seen or touched your money. I wouldn't do such a thing. Never.'
   'You were planning to make off with it, weren't you?' Michael said, emerging from the shadows.
   Hayley shook her head, backing away a couple of steps. 'No. I've never heard such nonsense or been accused of such a thing!'
   'Either you lie on the table or we call the police,' Belinda threatened.
   'No, I won't.'
   'Lie on the table, young lady.'
   'No,' she said again, but put up no resistance as both her accusers took one of her arms each and manoeuvred her until her bottom touched the edge of the foreboding piece of furniture. 'No, you can't make me do this.'
   But they were making her, and before she really even seemed to realise it she was pressed down until she was lying on her back. As she stared up at the low, vaulted brick ceiling she knew her situation was getting hopeless. If she tried to resist them they'd simply call the police as threatened with some trumped up charges and she'd be in all sorts of trouble. What could she say when questioned? Belinda would say that she found the stolen money in her room. The bag on the kitchen table probably contained the cash, and the backdoor was open. It wouldn't look at all good for her, and her predicament would be compounded by the ridiculous but potentially potent allegations of poisoning and assault. This was an ever-worsening nightmare. Hayley couldn't believe what was happening to her.
   She had no choice but to comply, she knew as Belinda parted her feet and secured her ankles with the hanging ropes. Michael pulled her arms behind her head and tied her wrists, rendering her completely defenceless. Just what, she wondered fearfully, recalling Michael's penis ploughing deep into Amy, were they going to do to her?
   As Belinda leaned over her tethered body and deliberately unbuttoned her blouse, laying it open, exposing the firm mounds of her breasts, Hayley was unable to speak. No words would pass her lips as cold fear gripped her. What did they intend to do to her? Would Belinda watch as her husband fucked her? No, surely they wouldn't dare to do that. Holding her breath as Michael passed his wife a leather belt, she watched, her eyes wide with trepidation, her mouth suddenly dry.
   'No!' she wailed as the leather belt lashed down through the air, landing with a loud crack across her naked breasts. 'No, please...'
   'You disloyal little thief!' Belinda hissed, again lashing the leather belt down with a cringing splat. 'You traitorous...'
   'Disloyal little thief!'
   This couldn't be happening, Hayley thought as she fearfully eyed the belt hanging from the woman's hand. Michael moved closer, leering as he focused on the blotchy stripes crisscrossing Hayley's milky breasts, her nipples erect and inflamed from the painful lashing. Where was Amy? Why didn't she come and help her. But why should she, when Hayley had done nothing to help her when she was at the mercy of Michael's lust?
   As Michael gripped the hem of Hayley's short skirt and folded it up onto her flat tummy Belinda let out a wicked chuckle. The woman was definitely mad, Hayley thought, and Michael was a creepy pervert. They were staring at their captive, ogling her naked breasts and the smooth white panties covering the gentle swell of her pubic mound. Was Michael erect? Was Belinda turned on by having their young housekeeper strapped at their mercy to a table in their basement? Trembling, her heart racing, she looked up and tried to fathom out what was going on in Belinda's head.
   'You silly girl,' the woman said. 'Since being here you seem to have gone out of your way to get yourself into trouble.'
   'I've done none of the things you've accused me of,' Hayley returned adamantly, keeping one eye on Michael as he scrutinised her bound and naked body. 'You know very well that I haven't.'
   'Never have I known such ungrateful wickedness,' the woman went on, ignoring Hayley's words of defence. 'So you're going to be punished to see if you're capable of learning your lesson.'
   Moving slightly around the table, positioning herself between Hayley's parted legs, Belinda raised the leather belt above her head again and paused, the two employers savouring the frozen look of horror on the girl's face. Again holding her breath, her eyes wide, Hayley guessed the woman's intention and waited in fear and trepidation for the belt to sweep down through the air and lash the most sensitive area of her body. Belinda was insane. She had to be. What was she waiting for? Was she revelling in Hayley's plight?
   Finally bringing the belt down with a loud crack across Hayley's white panties, she smiled as her trussed victim let out a long wail and writhed in agony as much as the ropes would allow her to.
   'Let that be a lesson to you,' she hissed, stroking the stinging flesh of Hayley's sex through her underwear. 'I'm sure you don't want another lashing across your pussy, now do you?'
   'No,' Hayley whimpered, her body trembling uncontrollably. 'No, of course I don't.'
   'You wouldn't want my husband to deal with you, would you?'
   'No ma'am,' Hayley said hastily, 'I wouldn't.'
   'Well then, you'll be sorry to learn that that's exactly what he is going to do.'
   Hayley couldn't believe what she was hearing. She'd thought and hoped the vicious slice of the belt between her bound thighs had signalled the end of her torment - but apparently not.
   'Tie this around her breasts,' Belinda ordered her husband, taking a length of thin nylon rope from one of the shelves and passing it to him. 'Tie it tight around her breasts, then you can thrash her some more.'
   Hayley watched in horror as Michael wound the rope around her left breast. This was sexual torture, she thought desperately, imagining the belt licking across her exposed nipples. As Michael pulled the rope tight Hayley winced against the discomfort of her breasts swelling and becoming painfully taut. Her nipples grew and tingled.
   'That's good,' Belinda praised her husband. 'Now you can administer some more deserved punishment to this ungrateful little bitch.'
   Accepting the belt from his wife, Michael stood over the trussed girl on the table and gazed avidly at the ballooning spheres of her bound breasts. Belinda was an evil bitch, Hayley thought, grimacing as she waited for the first lash of the leather gripped in his fist. Swearing to get even with the woman, she focused fearfully on the belt as Michael raised his arm, his knuckles white as he gripped it so determinedly, above his head.
   The belt unfurled and whistled down, landing across the taut flesh of her breasts and pulsing nipples. Hayley let out a yelp. Again the belt lashed her swollen breasts with a loud crack. With her burning nipples rising beneath the cruel lick of the leather belt, Hayley squeezed her eyes shut and tried not to protest any more. If she complained she was pretty certain that Belinda would only prolong the gruelling punishment. Holding her breath as the strip of leather flew through the air and again swiped her excruciatingly sensitive breasts, she dreaded to think what other horrors she might have to endure at the hands of her wicked bosses.
   'This will teach you an important lesson, young lady,' Belinda said, staring hard at her bound captive. 'By the time you leave this basement you'll be obedient, respectful, and well behaved.'
   Saying nothing, Hayley silently swore that she'd never respect either of her sadistic bosses. The woman was insane and he was pathetic, of that she was now certain. Gasping another yelp as the belt slapped her constricted breasts again, Hayley knew he was relishing every moment of administering the gruelling thrashing, and that his wife was relishing watching it.
   'What would you like to do with her next?' Belinda asked Michael...

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