Sinful Seduction

Sinful Seduction
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ISBN:  9781907976322
Author:  Kate Benedict
Word Count:  68,729
Format:  eBook



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For all his wealth and breeding, Lord Edward stank like a fat old pig. He looked like one too, lying there with his mouth open and his puffy red face covered in grey bristles.
   Holding her breath, Maggie bent to lay the tray carefully on the bedside table. With a bit of luck she could have the curtains drawn and be out of there before he was properly awake.
   But as she stood up his hand shot from beneath the coverlet and grabbed her behind the knee, toppling her onto the bed. She gasped and struggled as he sat up and hauled her alongside him. His sweaty face came down on hers, his breath stinking like an open grave and she gagged as his tongue squirmed its way between her lips like a hot, wet slug.
   'Come on,' he panted, lifting his head. 'You know you want it.'

Rescued from the horrors of a Victorian slum, Maggie Carter is happy with her new position as a maid - until she is seduced by the son of the house, abused by his father and then cast out and sold into a house of shame.

Will she survive - or be defeated by the violence and depravity of her new existence?

Maggie's lips set. She'd rather sleep in the street and pick food from the gutter than stay here. There had to be some way out. There had to be!
   Swinging her legs out of bed she padded round, naked, investigating the room. In daylight it was equally uncompromising. Apart from the chamber pot she'd almost clouted Millie with, a tiny sliver of soap and a basin and ewer filled with cold water, there was nothing she could use as a weapon. The window was so small there was no way she could wriggle through - and even if there were, it was barred. Through the dusty panes she could see an endless vista of chimneys and rooftops and, in the distance, the winding silver ribbon of the Thames. The whole of London laid spread out before her - just out of reach.
   Maddened by frustration she paced backwards and forwards, and then sighed. This was getting her nowhere. Her only chance was to make a break for freedom the next time the door was opened. In the meantime, she might as well get washed and dressed. She smiled ruefully; even if she were successful she'd hardly get far running through the streets naked, now would she?
   Pouring the water into the basin, she washed herself as best she could. The cold brought a rosy glow to her skin and she shivered, her nipples rising and hardening as the icy water trickled down her breasts and dripped from their tips. Despite the discomfort, she scrubbed herself scrupulously. Lathering her hands she soaped the warm secret place between her thighs as if she could remove all trace of her stepfather.
   She shivered again, this time with pleasure, as her fingers parted the soft lips of her sex and grazed the tight pink bud of her clitoris. She stroked it gently, feeling herself moisten as a delicious sensation of heat built in the base of her belly - then she stopped herself. Was she mad? This was no time to be pleasuring herself. Someone could walk in at any time. She scooped up a double handful of cold water and splashed her face to bring herself back to her sense.
   Drying herself on the threadbare towel, she picked up the torn remains of her dress and slipped it on over her damp body, then groaned in dismay; it was worse than being naked. Even if she held it at the neck, she couldn't cover her breasts. Their pert nipples peeped provocatively from the tatters of red satin, inviting attention.
   Then an idea struck her. It was a matter of moments to slip the dress off and put it on again - back to front. She smiled as her confidence returned. Not only was she decently covered, but also the tight material compressed her breasts till she was as flat chested as a boy. Now, provided she kept her back turned to the wall, she looked as prim and proper as any governess. Perhaps Mrs Wilkes would reconsider her bargain after all?
   But as the day wore on Maggie's newfound self-confidence wore off. Hour after hour dragged past and no one came near. She strained her ears for the sound of footsteps on the stairs, but there was complete and utter silence. It was like being shut up in a tomb.
   With nothing to do but stare out of the window at the rooftops or at the four blank walls of the room, her mind ran riot, imagining the possible horrors that lay in store for her. She paced restlessly, unable to sit or lie for more than two minutes at a time before fear goaded her to her feet again, and it struck her that this was how a prisoner in the condemned cell must feel, as he waited to be dragged to the gallows. It was not a comforting thought.
   So it was almost a relief when she finally heard a heavy tread on the attic stairs. At least the dreadful waiting was finally over. And nothing could possibly be as bad as her fevered imaginings - could it? She stood, defiantly facing the door, waiting for Mrs Wilkes to make her appearance.
   And she didn't have to wait long. The sound of her asthmatic wheezing outside was followed by that of the key turning in the lock. The door swung open and Maggie gasped.
   Mrs Wilkes was not alone.
   Behind her stood the menacing figure of the huge black manservant who had carried her, kicking and screaming, to her prison. In the clear light of day he was even more frightening. He must have been well over six feet tall and the material of his clothes strained to contain the muscles beneath. His hands were so large they looked as if they could encompass her waist without even trying.
   Close behind him stood a man she had never seen in her life before, and given the choice, would never have wanted to. He was low browed and brutish, with a nose that had been broken and badly set more than once. A scar that looked like a souvenir from some pub brawl twisted his lips into a permanent scowl. Dark greasy hair fell across his forehead and the narrow eyes beneath regarded her with avid anticipation.
   Her heart sank as all hopes of making a run for freedom died. She might as well try and run through a brick wall. Trying to ignore the two men, she got to her feet, straightened her shoulders and stared at Mrs Wilkes, her calm demeanour masking her wildly beating heart.
   'What do you want now?' she asked coolly. 'I told you last night I was leaving.'
   'I think not, my dear,' said Mrs Wilkes. 'As to what I want, that's quite simple. I want an answer to the little business proposition I put to you last night.' She smiled. 'I do hope you've had time to reconsider your hasty words.'
   Maggie laughed harshly. '"Business proposition"? That's the first time I've heard it called that!' She spat on the floor at the woman's feet. 'I'd rather go to hell than turn strumpet to fill your pockets!'
   Mrs Wilkes shook her head in regret. 'I'm sorry to hear you say that, my dear,' she said. 'Had you been willing, our little arrangement could have been settled quite amicably to our mutual benefit.' Her face hardened. 'Now I'm afraid you leave me no option.'
   'What do you mean?' Maggie quavered.
   Mrs Wilkes tutted in exasperation. 'Come, come, my dear, you're a sensible girl. Think about it. If a horse won't go, it must be driven. With a touch of the whip, if necessary.' An insincere smile flickered across her lips. 'Now, are you quite sure you won't reconsider your decision?'
   'Never!' Maggie cried passionately.
   'Very well, my dear, on your own head be it,' said Mrs Wilkes in resignation. 'You can't say you weren't warned.'
   Maggie stared into the woman's cold grey eyes and her stomach lurched. Somewhere in their depths, like an ancient pike at the bottom of a muddy pool, lurked a glint of evil pleasure. She was enjoying all this. Far from being disappointed at Maggie's defiance, she was delighted! If Maggie had agreed to her proposition, she would have been deprived of her wicked game.
   As if in response to Maggie's thought, Mrs Wilkes' smiled widened. She took her hands from beneath her black silk apron and Maggie gasped. In one of them the woman held what looked like a short shuttledore bat, padded with soft black leather. She clicked the fingers of the other and the black servant stepped forward. 'Hold her down,' she ordered.
   Shaking her head, Maggie edged away until her back touched the wall. It was a waste of time. In two strides he crossed the tiny room. She lashed out frantically, but he caught her wrists in one huge hand, flung her facedown across the bed and flipped her skirts up over her head. Kicking and squealing she struggled to rise, but he held her down as easily as if she'd been a naughty child.
   Mrs Wilkes looked down at the flailing legs and the soft white curves of the girl's bottom and nodded in satisfaction. Her clients would pay dearly for the privilege of savaging that tender flesh - but first the silly chit must be made to realise the futility of resistance. She rolled up the sleeves of her gown and raised her arm.
   Maggie tensed her buttocks as she heard the sound of the bat whistling through the air - then gave a muffled gasp as it connected with her bottom. The tender flesh went white beneath the force of the blow, then turned pink as the blood rushed back. She writhed as she attempted to escape the pain, biting her lip to remain silent. She wouldn't give the despicable woman the satisfaction of hearing her scream. She wouldn't! Mrs Wilkes raised her arm again.
   At the second blow all Maggie's fine resolutions deserted her. The globes of her bottom quivered and jumped as the bat smacked down. Coming so close on flesh already throbbing like an aching tooth, the pain was indescribable. She shrieked aloud in agony.
   Beneath the third and fourth blows she lost track of time and place. Nothing existed but the pain that filled her world. Her backside was no longer pink; it was a fiery red - and felt as if it had been scalded, the muscles tensed beneath the skin. Finally it was over and she huddled in a whimpering heap upon the bed.
   'Well,' panted Mrs Wilkes, 'have you changed your mind yet?'
   Maggie pulled herself upright with difficulty and glared at her from tear-filled eyes. 'Never,' she whispered again, her voice hoarse from shrieking. Despite the pain, her lip curled in a triumphant smile. 'If that's all you can do, you're wasting your time.'
   Mrs Wilkes smiled in amusement. 'All?' she said. 'Why, my dear, I haven't even begun.' She clicked her fingers again. 'I do believe Miss Carter needs a little more instruction. Tie her to the bed.'
   Eagerly the two men obeyed. Hauling Maggie to her feet they ripped the remaining tatters of her dress from her quivering body. As one held her, the other tore a strip from the skirt and twisted it into a makeshift rope. As Maggie struggled they forced her back down onto the bed, bound one wrist, looped the material through the iron bedstead and bound the other. She tried to break free, but she might as well have been manacled in iron for all the good it did. Naked and exposed, she lay there looking up at them in horror.
   Smiling, Mrs Wilkes seated herself on the chair beside the bed and nodded to the black manservant. 'Jebediah, if you would be so good as to introduce Miss Carter to her new duties, please?' He grinned back, revealing startlingly white teeth against his black skin.
   Horrified comprehension dawned on Maggie as he began to undress. The wicked old woman was going to sit there and watch while this monster ravished her! 'No! Please, no!' she begged, gazing wide-eyed at the sadistic old witch.
   'There's still time to stop, my dear,' smiled Mrs Wilkes. 'Have you changed your mind?' Maggie gritted her teeth and shook her head. 'In that case Jebediah, carry on, if you please.'
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Tuesday, 8 March 2011  | 

Exploring the hidden wickedness of Victorian England, this book is a fascinating study of sexual depravity.

One of the best
Tuesday, 12 January 2010  | 

'Sinful Seduction' is one of the best pieces of modern erotica literature that I have read of a Victorian era type setting. The plot was very good and its ending was excellent.

Excellent book written by a very talented author
Tuesday, 12 January 2010  | 

Kate Benedict has written a jewel of a book. Sinful Seduction is not garden-variety erotica. The plot, pacing, and characterization is far superior to any other erotic novel I've read. Ms. Benedict is an author to watch. I suggest readers check out her other books as well.

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