Below the Belt

Below the Belt
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ISBN:  9781907976308
Author:  Sarah Veitch
Word Count:  65,163
Format:  eBook



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To Kerri's relief, the man stopped slapping her agonised spheres. Snivelling, she slid to her knees and reached for his zipper. She looked up at the nurse. 'Will I get into trouble for this?'
   'No, it's part of your humiliation. You're repenting for a wrong. It would be different if you'd crept off with a man you fancied for mutual pleasure,' the nursing sister said. 'Now use your pretty pink tongue to its full effect.'
   Colouring further, Kerri eased the man's phallus from his trousers and licked it, glad to be free of his lap and his spanking hand.
   'Is that the best you can do?' he murmured, slapping his palms together.
   'I'll try harder, sir,' Kerri promised...

In this classic spanking story by Sarah Veitch, Kerri is duped into moving to Alpineglow, a remote town with a unique brand of justice. She arrives to find it's owned by Jeff Rendell, a man she once seriously wronged.

Jeff and his overseers strictly discipline Kerri and the other disobedient dissidents. They're also set exquisitely demanding sexual tasks.

Permanently nursing a sore bottom, she searches for ways to exploit the system. But her cunning tactics lead to increased humiliation for nothing is exactly as it seems...

Jeff's words - that she needed a really sound thrashing - seemed to hang in the air and echo around the chamber.
   'Can I do it?' the older woman asked.
   'Of course. But I may join in. She's been difficult since the moment I met her.'
   'Don't talk about me like I'm not here. I'm a human being,' Kerri snapped, pulling hopelessly at her chains.
   'You're a human being that's about to have the sorest arse in Christendom,' her tormentor replied.
   At his words, Kerri felt her heartbeat quickening. Light perspiration broke out on her forehead and her face flushed with shame. What exactly were they going to do to her? And, more importantly, how much would it hurt?
   Jeff Rendell looked over at Matron. 'Do you want her left like this or tied face down over a punishment trestle?'
   The woman cocked her head to one side. 'Oh, face down I think. I much prefer to swing an implement downwards rather than sideways. Her arse cheeks will flatten more upon impact if I do it that way.'
   'And what would you like to use on her?'
   'Well, I tend to favour the rosewood paddle,' the middle-aged woman said.
   'A fitting choice. I'll lead her through to the punishment trestle now and get her ready whilst you fetch the paddle,' the landowner replied.
   Fuck it, he wasn't joking. Kerri watched mutely as Jeff Rendell went into a large walk-in cupboard and came out with a strange contraption. He knelt and fastened one side of it to her right ankle and the other side to her left.
   'It's a spreader bar,' he said matter of factly. 'It keeps your feet held apart at this distance, stops you moving too quickly. I often use it when leading a disobedient resident from one Punishment Chamber to the next.'
   He undid the ceiling chain from Kerri's handcuffs and the floor hoops from her feet. She flexed her legs and took a tentative step forward then immediately had to bring the other spreader-bound foot forward the same distance to avoid toppling over.
   'Keep going in that direction,' Jeff Rendell ordered, indicating yet another door. Her arms still cuffed behind her head, Kerri slowly did so. He'd fastened her so securely and cleverly that she had no chance of escape.
   At last she reached a room which had a large table in one corner. The table had a smooth raised hump of wood in its centre and leather straps attached to each end, clearly designed for a miscreant's arms and legs.
   Could she talk them out of fastening her down like this? Kerri cleared her throat.
   'I'm sorry I bit Matron,' she said tremulously.
   'You'll be even sorrier when you've been introduced to her rosewood paddle,' Alpineglow's creator warned.
   He lifted Kerri effortlessly onto the trestle, her cuffed wrists and spread-apart ankles ensuring that she couldn't struggle. He quickly removed them then used the straps to fasten her into place. Now her tummy was resting on the curved part of the punishment bench, her arms and legs tied to its four corners. Her face rested on a padded cushion that had a large hole cut in the centre so that she could breathe.
   'Let me know if you get cramp,' Jeff Rendell said.
   'Like you care,' Kerri mumbled, determined to hide her trepidation.
   'We're not monsters here. You've bitten Matron so now you're going to feel her paddle biting into your buttocks. But if you get cramp we'll stop and start the punishment again when you're recovered totally.'
   'I do feel a twinge,' Kerri lied.
   'But I have to warn you that we call for Alpineglow's doctor to check you out - and he uses his belt if he finds you've been lying. Plus the entire disciplinary session is repeated again.'
   'Oh, just get it over with,' Kerri said resignedly, cringing at all this talk of punishment. She heard footsteps tapping across the room then Matron came to stand in front of her.
   'Meet Mr Paddle, my dear. He's about to acquaint himself with your naughty bottom. Kiss him hello, there's a good girl, and beg forgiveness long and sweet.'
   Kerri stared with disgust at the older woman. This was all she needed, being chastised by some menopausal nutcase.
   'Look, biting you was an accident,' she said.
   'But you told me to fuck off long before you bit me. That wasn't nice, dear.'
   'Nice costs extra.' Kerri tried to twist her head round to look at Jeff Rendell. 'Has she really got the wealth needed to live here in Alpineglow?'
   'No, but she has skills that we need so she's been allowed entry,' he explained.
   Just her luck, being punished by the proletariat. 'I want to leave. I want a refund,' Kerri said, wondering yet again how she'd so quickly lost control of her life.
   'All you're going to get is a damn hard paddling,' Jeff Rendell said.
   He knelt in front of her so that he could look into her face. Kerri closed her eyes - then opened them wide with shock as the woman applied the paddle to one of her bare buttocks. Seconds later the other hemisphere was treated to a similar cruel assault.
   'Ah, ah!' Kerri cried.
   Both orbs were again toasted by the rosewood punisher.
   'Aah, aah!' Her cries grew longer as the effect of the strokes intensified.
   She felt the paddle strike the centre of each cheek. It struck the sides. It lashed her jiggling underswell. The hard wood licked again and again at her recently-spanked flesh.
   'Stop!' she cried.
   'Sound respectful when you address your elders, dear,' said Matron. Kerri felt the woman paddling her right sphere then its neighbour. The bitch had clearly established a pattern.
   'Please stop,' Kerri yelled.
   'Address me as Ma'am or as Matron,' her punisher said softly.
   'Please stop, Matron,' Kerri yelped, driving her tummy harder against the wooden bolster in a desperate attempt to escape the paddle's cruel heat.
   'Are you sorry that you were a bad girl?' the woman asked.
   'Yes, very sorry.' Kerri yelled some more as her thrashing went on and she realised she'd forgotten a vital word. 'Very sorry, Matron,' she amended compliantly.
   'So would you like to kiss Mr Paddle now?'
   'Yes, Matron. I'd like to kiss Mr Paddle,' she shouted - then relaxed slightly as the assault on her bare bottom stopped.
   'Kiss him very nicely, then, to make up for being rude to him before,' the matriarch warned. Kerri looked up dazedly as her tormentor walked around to stand before her. Obediently she put her lips to the oval part of the punisher and pressed them against its hard polished wood.
   'Thank Mr Paddle for warming your soft little cheeks.'
   'Thank you Mr Paddle for...' her voice faltered, but she forced herself to continue the demeaning sentence, '...for warming my soft little cheeks.'
   'Tell him you'd like ten more lashes.'
   Kerri whimpered and writhed at the prospect. 'Oh please no. I'm on fire. I'm not being difficult, honest. Let me kiss him again.'
   'Matron would have to find the naughty girl some other medicine.'
   'Yes, Matron, give me some other medicine,' Kerri gasped out gratefully…

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Sunday, 27 April 2014  | 

Great fantasy story. One of those page turners you can't wait to find out what happens next and how it ends. The ending is excellent, truly poetic and just deserving.

Another great spanking story from Sarah Veitch
Wednesday, 21 September 2011  | 

Sarah Veitch writes about the sort of sexual heaven I wish I could live in. In this great spanking story Kerrie is lured to a remote town, and ends up at the mercy of a number of dominant men, most of whom like to utilize canes, whips or paddless.

Below the Belt is a powerful read and is, in my view, stronger than Sarah Veitch's previous novels.

Wednesday, 9 February 2011  | 

What more can I say about such an excellent spanking story? I'm a huge fan of any Sarah Veitch book anyway, but Below the Belt is undoubtedly her most stunning so far. The spanking scenes are extremely well written and it's almost like you're there (I wish!). If only such a colony as Alpineglow existed for real! This is one of my all time favourite books!

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