Debbie's Dilemma

Debbie's Dilemma
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ISBN:  9781780804323
Author:  Jim Gunn, Taylor Fey, B. A. Bradbury
Word Count:  9,909
Format:  eBook



Sins of the SectSins of the Sect
Planet of PainPlanet of Pain

I go to the foot of the stairs and stop. Up there is pain and humiliation for sure, and maybe worse than that. Behind me is the door and freedom. Hitch a lift to Gloucester, use my lucky pound to ring home, then wait for Kate to come and pick me up. Sounds a pretty good plan to me, apart from the fact I'd be abandoning my friends. It's a dilemma, no doubt about it.
   I glance back at the door almost longingly, but the freedom it offers is an illusion. With a sigh of resignation I face forward and start up the stairs...

With their hostel home Griffield Hall plagued by scandal and besieged by a zealous press corps in pursuit of salacious headlines, four young women seek shelter at distant Ramden Manor, a refuge owned and run by the innocently named Healed Hearts Foundation. To their horror the four soon learn that their supposed sanctuary is anything but, for the refuge is run by a lecherous sadist who delights in taking advantage of his hapless charges.

Stripped and punished in public for the most trivial of offences and forced to perform shameful sexual acts, Debbie and her three friends grow increasingly desperate as the full extent of their plight becomes clear. For Healed Hearts' notorious leader - an individual with a fearsome reputation - has learned of their arrival and is heading for Ramden Manor, intent on tormenting sweet young flesh.

I'm cleaning the lounge when I hear Liz calling my name. She sounds in a state, so I drop the dustpan and brush and rush through to the kitchen to see what's wrong.
   'Quick,' she says, 'fetch a bucket!'
   I see a steady drip-drip-drip of water coming from the ceiling and splashing on the floor tiles. I can't find a bucket, just a washing up bowl, so we put that down to catch the drops.
   'Stay here,' she says.
   She runs out, heading for the stairs, while I stand and stare at the ceiling. There's a big wet patch with drips coming from the middle.
   Dave appears eventually and takes charge, but Liz already has it sorted. Apparently a tap was left turned on in a sink in the bathroom, which wouldn't have been so bad except the plug was in the plughole. Water spilled over as the overflow couldn't handle the volume, so Liz reckons.
   'I've turned the tap off,' she tells Dave, 'but the bathroom floor's flooded a couple of inches deep, so there's lots more water still to come.'
   She's not wrong. Trix, Donna, me and Liz take turns on 'drip duty', emptying the bowl when it gets full, while Kevin finds a portable electric pump and pumps away most of what's left on the bathroom floor. Even so, it drips steadily all afternoon before it finally stops.
   Once the crisis is over Dave holds a court of enquiry. In the dock are Trix and Donna, as they're the ones who cleaned the bathroom. They both deny leaving a tap running, but he says he doesn't believe them. In the end he sentences them to a hundred strokes apiece, to be carried out this evening.
   We all skip lunch and go out to the garden to talk it over in private. Trix and Donna are close to tears, but when I suggest they should tell Dave to piss off they both shake their heads. Trix says she'd rather have the hundred than face Martyn, which means Liz must have told them of my predicament.
   Neither of us says a word about Dave setting them up. We've no proof, for one thing, and knowing about it wouldn't help them anyway. I'm convinced he did, though, and looking at Liz's face I know she is too. Dave could have slipped into the bathroom once Trix and Donna were gone, or maybe he had Kevin do it.
   In the end Liz goes to talk to Dave to see if he'll at least reduce the sentence. When she returns I can see she's not happy, though she forces a smile. 'Good news,' she says, 'you're off the hook. Dave's cancelled your punishments.'
   They both give a huge sigh of relief. Donna has to sit down as her legs feel wobbly, she informs us.
   'So what's the bad news?' I say.
   Liz's face goes still. 'How do you mean?'
   'Donna and Trix are off the hook, but you're still worried, I can tell. What's the bad news?'
   Liz hesitates before answering, but then she shrugs. 'You're right, there's bad news too. I'm taking their punishments for them.'
   There's a stunned silence, then suddenly all three of us are talking at once. Liz holds up her hand. 'I wasn't going to say anything till the last minute as I didn't want a load of hassle. Keeping quiet probably wasn't such a good idea, though. If you start thinking punishments are easy to wriggle out of, you might get cocky.'
   'So what are you saying?' I ask. 'You're getting all two hundred strokes?'
   Liz shakes her head. 'Christ, no - a hundred, in two sessions of fifty apiece. That's better than a hundred for Donna and a hundred for Trix, isn't it? And the first session isn't even a caning, it's a strapping. They're a lot less painful.'
   She's making light of it for their sakes, but it's a ballsy thing she's doing for sure. A hundred strokes is no laughing matter, no matter how you look at it.

An announcement over the speakers tells us to assemble in the lounge at one o'clock to witness punishment. At five to one I head there with Trix and Donna.
   The lounge is the biggest room in the whole house, which makes me wonder what it was used for originally. A dining room for dozens of guests, maybe. There's no dining table now, just an assortment of chairs and the odd stool, positioned here and there at random.
   Some of the Gloucester women are here already and a few more follow us in. Nobody is smiling and no one talks; they just stand around looking subdued and anxious. Probably they're thinking the same about us, but then we've got a good excuse, seeing as how the victim's our friend.
   Dave arrives carrying a short strap in his left hand, though there's no sign yet of Liz or Kevin. Dave walks to the middle of the room and slowly surveys the audience, making a big show of counting us. I suppose that's to let his own people know he's keeping his eye on them so nobody will be tempted to ignore a summons in future. Twelve, the total is, including the three of us. Even Brenda is here, I see.
   With the headcount complete Dave goes and stands by the door. He doesn't have long to wait as a few seconds later Liz comes in with Kevin close behind. Even though I'm expecting it, seeing Liz naked still comes as a shock.
   Although I've never witnessed a punishment, I know the victim is naked as Caroline told me the day I arrived at Griffield Hall. She was going over the rules and explaining what would happen if I broke them, while I was staring at her gobsmacked, wondering what sort of sick organisation I'd joined. If it wasn't for Ben I'd have been out of there like a shot, but I decided to give it a day or two just to see if things were as bad as they seemed. Since I'm still here a month on, I guess the answer to that is no - at Griffield Hall, at least. Here at Ramden Manor things couldn't be worse.
   Although I'm expecting Liz to be naked I'm not expecting what happens next. Dave takes hold of her left nipple and leads her into the room, with a smirking Kev close behind. Her hands rise as Dave stretches her breast, but that's just an automatic reaction; though her cheeks flush red she doesn't try to resist. I'm nearly as embarrassed as she is, to be honest. My face feels hot and I know I'm blushing in sympathy.
   Dave brings her to the middle of the room and stops, but doesn't release her nipple. Instead he tugs upwards, forcing Liz up on her toes. He keeps her there, looking around at his audience as if to say, See what I can do? Fuck with me and you'll be next. The Ramden women all drop their gaze when he looks at them, clearly scared to death of him. When my turn comes I do exactly the same, but more from shame than fear. I feel guilty about being here, adding to Liz's troubles. It's bad enough being humiliated like this without knowing your friends are watching.
   Having made his point Dave releases her and nods to Kevin, who takes a strip of white cloth from his pocket and proceeds to blindfold her. Liz doesn't flinch or shy away, but just stands meekly and lets him do it, as if she knew this was going to happen. Kevin steps back when it's done, though not too far. I guess he wants a front row view of the action.
   'Assume the position,' Dave snaps...

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