Rough Justice

Rough Justice
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ISBN:  9781780800585
Author:  Sam Hastings
Word Count:  65,803
Format:  eBook



Destroying AngelDestroying Angel

Nobody said a word as she climbed aboard and went to the wooden post. William followed, waiting until Susan was against the post before picking up a piece of fishing net. She put her hands by her side as he wrapped it around her, then knotted it, leaving Susan bound and helpless, strapped to the post as the very essence of the sacrificial offering she was intended to be. William then completed her bondage with lengths of cord, secured around her ankles and criss-crossed up her body and tied off beneath her breasts. As he lashed off the last knot a feeling of utter helplessness swamped her, strangely cathartic as it removed all responsibilities save one. She could move her head and her feet, but otherwise she was completely at the mercy of others...

Detective Constable - and secretly submissive damsel in distress - Susan MacQuillan is drafted to her dream posting as Inspector in the Carapines, but the reality is far removed from what she hoped it would be.

The local inhabitants treat her with a contempt that quickly results in a bare bottom spanking, and the local drug cartel treats her with equal disregard, viewing her as something to be toyed with and her vow to bring them to justice as no more than a triviality to be laughed at.

After a short while, however, they are forced to take her seriously, and thereafter things become much more serious...

'I tell you, I heard somebody.' It was unmistakably Lady Lavinia Crow's voice.
   Alarmed at the thought of being caught semi-naked in the Residency garden, let alone with an obviously well punished Tilly, Susan ducked down hastily and scrambled for her discarded knickers. Lady Crow's earlier suggestion that she would enjoy punishing Susan made her particularly frantic to recover her underwear. Tilly was more relaxed, giggling as she popped her breasts back into her bikini top.
   Susan saw her knickers and reached forward, only for Lady Crow to appear from the bushes directly in front of her. On all fours, with nothing on but her torn blouse and her bra, Susan froze, the blushes coming hot to her cheeks as she met her Ladyship's eyes. Then she found herself swallowing hard as she saw that the Governor's wife was carrying a long, cruel-looking cane.
   'Over here, Geoffrey!' Lady Crow called, then looked down at Susan. 'I'm not quite sure what you are doing, Susan, but I'm glad to see that your panties are already off.'
   'I... I...' Susan stammered, trying to get up.
   'Stay as you are,' Lady Crow ordered peremptorily, 'and you, too, Matilda.'
   'Yes, ma'am,' Tilly replied.
   'What—?' Susan began.
   'Just stay down there and be quiet,' Lady Crow broke in. 'Surely you realise that after what you did yesterday you are going to have to be beaten?'
   'But you have disobeyed a direct order.' A new voice, that of Sir Geoffrey Crow, came from behind her. 'Did I not tell you to let the Sugar Bay cartel strictly alone?'
   'Well, yes,' Susan admitted, 'but you said—'
   'But nothing,' Sir Geoffrey continued. 'I am a mild man, Susan, but I will not have my authority suborned in this manner. Besides which, what did you think you were doing with Tilly St James? No, don't answer that, I can see by the state of her bottom, and from long experience I realise that she certainly brought you here deliberately to ensure you would be punished. Is that not correct, Tilly?'
   'Yes, sir,' Tilly said meekly, but with just a hint of mischief.
   'You bitch!' Susan cursed.
   'Strong language from a girl about to be caned,' Lady Crow remarked.
   Susan hung her head, feeling distinctly resentful and also very aware of the sadistic tone in Lady Crow's voice. The threat to beat her seemed intensely unfair, yet she could not deny that she had disobeyed Sir Geoffrey's order. It was also clear to her that Lady Crow's delight was no different from her own in punishing Tilly. 'Yes, ma'am,' she said quietly. 'Sorry, ma'am.'
   'That's better. Now, as there is insufficient room to swing a cane, you'd better come out onto the lawn. You, too, Tilly.'
   'Why me?' Tilly responded with a trace of petulance.
   'Because you are a deceitful, scheming little minx,' Lady Crow replied, 'and because I will enjoy doing it.'
   Tilly made no reply. Susan stood and followed the Crows out of the shrubbery. The lawn was a broad expanse of dun grass studded with palm trees. There was an elderly gardener at the opposite side.
   'Strip,' Lady Crow commanded casually as they reached an area between four palms.
   Susan obeyed, shrugging the remains of her blouse off her shoulders. Feelings of shame, helplessness and resentment were building up inside her as she reached behind her back for her bra catch. In sending her to the Carapines, Croom had knowingly dropped her into a world where physical discipline was not simply an erotic game but a routine event of everyday life. She was also aware that had she been older, or less physically appealing, then her unfortunate bottom would have come in for considerably less attention. The worst of it was that everyone seemed to find punishing and humiliating her extremely amusing, as both the Crows were smirking openly and even Tilly had a wicked grin on her face despite knowing that she, too, was about to receive a dose of the cane.
   'Kneel,' Sir Geoffrey ordered as Susan dropped her bra on top of her blouse and panties.
   Susan did as she was told. Naked, with her bottom up and fully displayed, her breasts swinging bare, and feeling very sorry for herself indeed, she waited for her second punishment of the day. The spanking from Ma Lyle had been cathartic, removing Susan's bad feelings about her behaviour on Davola's launch. She had always been taught that a beating had two effects, both to punish for the sin and to ensure the sin was not repeated. Susan felt she'd already been punished and knew that however hard and however often she was beaten it would not lessen her resolve to get rid of the Sugar Bay cartel.
   Lady Crow was flexing the cane with a grin of absolute delight on her face. Susan felt very small and humble, yet could only stick her rump out and hope the punishment wouldn't be too dreadful. She heard a swish and shut her eyes tight, only to open them wide and yelp as the cane struck her naked bottom. It stung terribly and left a line of fire across her buttocks. She could feel tears starting as Lady Crow drew her arm back for the second stroke, and yelped again as it bit.
   Her bottom was already sore from the earlier spanking, and by six strokes she was blubbering on the ground with her legs wide open, hoping that her tears and the acquiescent display of her sex would make Lady Crow decide she'd taken enough.
   As she had hoped, Lady Crow stopped and turned her attention to Tilly, leaving Susan sobbing on the grass. She turned to watch Tilly's beating, discovering that Sir Geoffrey had his penis free of his trousers, and was stroking it with the obvious intent of taking his privilege with either one of the girls. As Susan rose to a kneeling position he started towards her. He took her gently by the hair and guided his penis into her mouth. Susan began to suck, aware that the alternative to pleasuring him orally was probably another dose of the cane.
   Six times Tilly cried out under the cane before she was then put to Lady Crow's pussy, licking as the Governor's wife held her skirt up and her silk panties to one side. Susan found her resentment of the trick Tilly had played on her waning as together they knelt naked on the lawn, their bottoms throbbing. She was watching Tilly from the corner of her eye as Sir Geoffrey began to masturbate into her mouth, wondering if she, too, would be made to lick Lady Crow even as his cock jerked and her mouth filled with sperm.
   He pulled back, leaving Susan with come dribbling down her chin and dripping onto her breasts. Lady Crow beckoned, and Susan realised she was not to be spared the gesture that reinforced her status. As she crawled over, Lady Crow pulled Tilly's head back and eased her panties down to her thighs. Susan came close, Lady Crow taking both girls by the hair and pulling them into her crotch. Susan began to lick, finding the position awkward but unable to deny the pleasure of sharing the elegant woman's pussy. Together they licked until Lady Crow's excitement began to mount and she moved Tilly gently aside to allow Susan proper access to her clit. She came moments later, showing her feelings with no more than a soft groan.
   Lady Crow pulled Susan's head away, pulled up her panties and rearranged her clothes as if nothing had happened. Susan rocked back on her heels, acutely aware of her nudity and that accepting the beating before sucking and licking to order had marked her as the Crows' social inferior in more than just a technical way.
   'Stay as you are,' Sir Geoffrey ordered, 'while I tell you something you ought to know.'
   Susan obeyed, feeling humiliated at being denied the right to dress before she was lectured, but with very little option.
   'Only by extremely good luck,' he began, 'have you not brought disaster upon yourself and us as well. Paul Davola is not a lenient man, and had he caught you he would certainly have eliminated you without compunction. Indeed, I suspect it is only his arrogance that prevents him suspecting sabotage and coming to take a suitable revenge. He had on one previous occasion threatened to burn the Residency if we didn't cater to his demands, and I have no doubt that he would be as good as his word.'
   Susan tried to protest.
   'Don't interrupt,' Lady Crow snapped.
   'I have already explained,' Sir Geoffrey continued, 'that maintaining the limited independence we have is of paramount importance, and that you are to do nothing that might result in a more than local disturbance. In view of your age I have chosen to have you caned rather than take sterner measures, but you may be sure I will not be so considerate in future. I also realise that I may have given the impression that I would turn a blind eye to unofficial action. I would have done so, had your action been both subtle and effective. It was neither, and from now on you are to leave the Sugar Bay cartel strictly alone.
   'Now, that was Davola, and you got away with it by sheer good luck, but let me tell you how things might have been. Had you tried such a stupid trick on Pablo Copac, he would not have killed you. Instead, he would have taken you off to one of his brothels and that would have been the last anybody ever heard of you. I have never visited such a place, but I understand the girls are available twenty-four hours a day and live chained to their beds in tiny cubicles. The clients are also said to have extremely bizarre and unpleasant tastes. Is my message getting across?'
   'Yes, sir,' Susan replied meekly, although all his speech had done was strengthen her resolve and add a note of caution.
   She stayed, head bowed and kneeling, until she was allowed to rise, doing her best to look repentant but secretly feeling surprisingly happy. There had been something special and intimate about sex with Tilly, and her excitement was stronger than any number of lectures could squash, especially when she was beginning to feel that the motive behind Sir Geoffrey's reluctance to act was at least partially based on cowardice.
   The two girls were holding hands and giggling together as they left the Residency. Tilly had not troubled to put her bikini top back on, but walked with her breasts unselfconsciously bare. Susan wore only her panties, doing her best to emulate her friend's total lack of concern at the exposure of the body and telling herself that as people had seen her spanked naked, they would hardly bat an eyelid at seeing her topless. She was also looking forward to finding George at the station for some more orthodox sex, preferably after having her smarting bottom well creamed.
   One fly alone remained in the ointment. Once the Crows had rearranged themselves, she had been told very firmly that any further interference with the Sugar Bay cartel would result in Susan being put in a pillory and whipped in public.

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