Sophie and the Circle of Slavery

Sophie and the Circle of Slavery
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ISBN:  9781907753169
Author:  Evelyn Culber
Word Count:  73,924
Format:  eBook




Elspeth watched the darker patch take shape and let fly again, her heart singing with sheer joy at both the feel and sight of her hand sinking deep into the naked flesh just above the red stain marking the site of her previous effort. The sound of the spank and of Sophie's gurgling wail were music in her ears, and the dramatic change in the shape of her bottom as she frantically clenched it added an extra dimension to her pleasure.
   The third hard spank landed on the upper slopes and Elspeth treated herself to another lingering look at the duotone bottom, the left side a bright rich red and the right a delicate pink.
   Three spanks later, both sides matched nicely and Sophie was crying softly, her sobs making her submissively proffered buttocks quiver delightfully.


This is the story of Sophie, and her transformation from trainee solicitor to willing slave. Her journey begins when she accepts a room in Elspeth's London house, with extra housework in exchange for a reduction in rent. She settles happily, and is only moderately upset when she fails to meet Elspeth's high standards, and is punished with a spanking.

Her training progresses. She experiences the cane, birch and paddle, and is made to wear uniforms and other bizarre outfits. The final stage in her education is in a country house run by The Circle, an association of sexual dominants, where Sophie eventually graduates with honours.

This highly erotic book explores both the mental and physical aspects of slavery, describing the challenge in meekly accepting a bare bottom spanking, and the pleasures of reddening that bottom.

And so, the fifth Saturday saw a happy young girl, dressed in her usual cleaning outfit of an old jumper and tight leggings, humming to herself as she carefully polished the various ornaments on the sitting room mantelpiece. Now that she was beginning to feel at home, she was no longer embarrassed by the painting of the naked girl right above her, nor of the two porcelain statuettes of nude dancers on the mantelpiece. She handled them as carefully as ever and simply accepted that they were beautiful.
   Until that day.
   As she dusted a delightful coloured glass figure of an elegant swan, her eyes drifted up to the painting, studying the model's face first of all and noting the calm, almost dreamy expression on her pretty face. Sophie was too unsophisticated to know that the pose and style were inspired by Boucher's classic Mme O'Murphy, and too naïve to appreciate the sexual subtleties of the painting. She only saw that the model seemed utterly at ease with her nudity, lying face down on a chaise longue, her right arm propped up on the raised end, her left elbow on the seat and her chin resting on her hands. Her legs were sprawled casually apart, the right one on a big cushion, the knee slightly crooked, so that the pink sole of her foot was visible.
   Sophie's eyes drifted on to the soft, clearly relaxed bottom, smiled at the realisation that her cheeks were discernibly pinker than the sculptured plain of her back, and then she tried to imagine how she would have felt in the same position, with a handsome young artist capturing her wanton image for posterity. She shook her head at the thought and then carefully started polishing the lovely old clock in the middle, unaware that she had missed two ornaments.
   An hour later she looked around the room with a nod of satisfaction. All the woodwork was gleaming, the brass shining, and it all should pass muster. The door opened and Elspeth glided in with her usual economic grace and began her tour of inspection, while Sophie stood calmly to one side.
   Her thoughts were on a generous mug of proper Kenyan coffee, so she failed to spot Elspeth's increasingly disapproving expression as she inspected the mantelpiece, and was already basking in the expected compliments when she was jolted out of her complacency in a way which she found completely incomprehensible.
   'This is filthy!' Elspeth's voice showed no signs of real anger, but there was enough soft menace in her tones to banish all thoughts of refreshment from Sophie's mind. She looked up to see her mentor holding a Venetian glass paperweight up to the light.
   'Oh, I'm sorry, I'll do it right now,' she said briskly, and took a few paces towards the fireplace before an imperiously raised hand stopped her dead in her tracks.
   'Let me just check the rest of the room,' came the ominous reply.
   Three further failings were ruthlessly pointed out to the abashed girl before Elspeth moved up close enough to reach out with a forefinger, rest it under her chin, and exert enough pressure to lift a furiously blushing face.
   'I'm a little disappointed in you, Sophie,' she said quietly.
   'Yes, I understand,' Sophie stuttered. 'I really am sorry. I'll do them properly, right now.'
   'That's right, you will - but not immediately. After I've spanked you.'
   She did not know it, but Sophie was now facing the second and arguably the most crucial step in her development. Obviously the vast majority of girls in the London of the late 1990's would either have burst out laughing or have threatened to walk out. It was certainly on Sophie's mind to ask whether Elspeth was joking, but just one look at her face was quite enough to make it clear that she wasn't.
   Her jaw sagged against the pressure of the retaining finger, her cheeks burned bright red, she felt slightly sick and completely at a loss. She had not, as far as she knew, ever been spanked in her life. Her tender bottom had never even been threatened - apart from one casually insulting swat by the Oxford blue as she got out bed.
   Elspeth took pity on her. 'I know it sounds strange, pet, but it's the best way, honestly. It will clear the air. I won't be angry and disappointed in you any more, and you will feel much better. Promise.'
  'All right,' Sophie whispered miserably, and resigned herself to what she could only see as an indescribably degrading experience.
   Firmly but sympathetically, Elspeth ordered her to fetch one of the dining room chairs. She obeyed, and the activity helped to clear her mind a little, giving her just enough courage to try and discuss the matter. She didn't fancy her chances of success, but felt that she should make at least one attempt to stick up for herself.
   She came back into the sitting room, holding the chair in front of her and paused, not quite sure what to do next. Elspeth was by the fireplace studying the pretty nude, her head cocked to one side, and Sophie felt even worse at the subtle reminder that her bottom was about to be brought into similar prominence. She cleared her throat.
   Elspeth turned languidly and smiled at the red-faced girl, noticing that the chair was shaking gently in her nervous grasp.
   'Put it over there, dear, with the right side facing the window. That way there will be more light on the subject.'
   In her confusion, Sophie did not see the gleam of eager anticipation in her tormentor's eyes, but had heard the unexpected endearment, and her planned protest suddenly seemed rather pathetic.
   With the chair in the required spot she straightened up, swallowed convulsively, and finally summoned up the courage to say her piece.
   'Er... Elspeth?'
  'Yes, dear?' She turned away from the picture as she responded and, as Sophie saw the implacable determination in her expression, her desperately marshalled arguments on alternative punishments vanished into oblivion.
   'Nothing,' she said forlornly, her face burning again with the additional humiliation of her easy submission.
   With her heart thudding in her chest, her mouth dry, her palms moist and her bottom tingling with dread, she resigned herself to her fate.
   For very different reasons, Elspeth was almost as worked up. She had anticipated far more verbal resistance from such an intelligent girl, and the way Sophie faced up to the prospect of a spanking came as a pleasant surprise. In fact, she was proving to be the most promising subject for a very long time.
   First and foremost, the many surreptitious glances at her rear over the past few weeks had left her in no doubt that Sophie was blessed with the type of bottom Elspeth preferred; quite broad but curving out prettily from her back, adding a girlish pertness to the womanly breadth and, at the same time, deliciously mobile. Watching her walk away in those leggings was always a source of great pleasure.
   Secondly, she was quite clearly pretty shattered at the prospect of having her bottom smacked. While Elspeth had often enjoyed dishing out mock spankings as a prelude to an energetic bout of lovemaking, when her victim was reluctantly facing a genuine punishment the thrill was far more intense. To have a fit young girl in her power to the extent that she was prepared to allow herself to be bent over and suffer an embarrassing and painful punishment was enormously satisfying. Since Sophie had moved in, Elspeth had devoted all her skill and experience to establishing a firm but not harsh domination over her - and her efforts were about to bear fruit.
   She moved slowly across to the chair, sat down and, ignoring the quaking Sophie, rolled up the sleeves of her silk blouse with pointed deliberation. Then she smoothed her skirt over each thigh in turn, before looking up into the girl's flushed and worried face.
   'Bend over my lap, please Sophie,' she ordered, quite gently.
  Her victim bent forward, then hesitated. Carefully looking at the floor to avoid eye contact, she opened her mouth, desperation at last giving her the courage to stick up for herself.
   'Isn't there some other way of punishing me?' she whispered. 'This is awfully degrading.'
   Elspeth felt even happier. Some resistance at last! 'That is half the point, my girl,' she replied, with the first touch of steel in her voice. 'The other half, of course, is that you end up with a sore bottom. Now stop arguing and get across my knee.'
   Sophie wisely decided that she had pushed Elspeth as far as she dared, and then lowered herself awkwardly into position, ending up with her torso resting on the parted thighs and her knees almost on the floor. Her bottom was nicely bent but well to Elspeth's right - in reach but not properly in view.
   'No, not like that,' Elspeth sighed, resting her hand on the fullest part of Sophie's cringing behind and applying enough pressure to communicate her desire to have it higher and further forward. The confused girl heaved herself up and eventually found herself in the traditional position, with her weight evenly distributed between hands, feet and middle.
   In the following brief pause, as Elspeth looked greedily down at the well-defined bottom spread on her lap, Sophie glumly tried to make some sense of her situation. Her backside felt even more prominent than it had when she first bent over, and her bent angle meant that the blood flowed steadily to her head, exaggerating the sound of her pulse. She was not in the least bit happy, but her wits were so scattered that all she could think of was a fervent prayer that her ordeal would be relatively short-lived, encouraged by the wildly erroneous thought that smacking another female's bottom couldn't be exactly fun for Elspeth, so she was unlikely to drag the affair out any longer than necessary.
   Naturally she was completely wrong and, if she had thought of peering up over her shoulder, she would have seen the light of battle in Elspeth's eyes.
   She did get some hint of Elspeth's feelings when she felt a hand on the seat of her leggings. It rested on the crown of her right buttock for a moment, then the fingers pressed down. After a couple more squeezes, it moved to the upper slopes of the same cheek and the process was repeated. Sophie gulped and her face reddened again at the slow and blatantly sensual examination.
   She felt even more degraded as she lay there, helplessly allowing an intimate part of her body to be groped so freely. Once again she considered a plea for an alternative way, but decided that in her vulnerable position she would be far better advised not to aggravate Elspeth any further.
   She felt Elspeth's fingers take a grip on the waistband of her leggings, and she caught her breath in dismay. The prominence of her bottom had been bad enough as it was, but the prospect of being made to expose her knickers was nothing less than appalling. Especially as they were not exactly new, had shrunk in numerous washes, and had ridden up obscenely into the deep cleft between her buttocks.
   Once again she had to bite her tongue to restrain herself from protesting volubly at this last straw, but this time failed to choke back an anguished, 'Oh no!'
   'Oh yes!' Elspeth snapped, and continued with the evil deed until the lightweight garment was rolled down and out of the way.
   As Sophie struggled to get her breathing under some sort of control, Elspeth was looking down at her half-naked bottom with a great deal of pleasure. Everything had gone swimmingly. A pretty girl; a virgin spankee; enough resistance to add savour to the whole experience and, last but by no means least, a bottom which showed every sign of being a joy to spank.
   The buttocks swelled delightfully up from the nicely curved thighs, with two charming, well-defined folds clearly marking the change from one to the other, and with skin which was white with just a hint of creaminess, flawlessly smooth and satiny. Her palm began to itch for the first touch but, with years of experience to season her innate sensuality, she knew that her pleasure would be enhanced if she took her time and satisfied each of her senses in turn.
   Sight first. And the next move was obviously to get Sophie's plump bottom nice and bare. Her heart began to beat faster as she carefully reached down with both hands and took a firm grip of elastic waistband between each forefinger and thumb, pulled upwards to lift the tight band clear, and slowly drew the knickers down, her eyes gleaming brightly as they focused on the slowly emerging cleft, to her the key visual point of any bottom.
   Ignoring the anguished squirm and the wail of dismay from her victim, she kept going until the pressure of Sophie's front against her thighs made further progress difficult.
   'Lift up, dear,' she ordered gently. 'I want to get them right down to your knees.'
   'Oh please, Elspeth, does it have to be on my bare bottom?'
   'Of course it does,' she replied, with another hint of steely resolve in her voice.
   With a choked sob, Sophie lifted her hips and her remaining protection slithered easily down to the required position.
   Elspeth let her hands drop to her sides and contemplated Sophie's bare bottom at leisure, slightly relieved to find that her imagination had not let her down. Rather the opposite, in fact, as her new find proved to be even better reared than she had expected. Her buttocks were firmer than anticipated, and her classic English rose complexion was even more apparent on her lower cheeks than on her facial ones. The dividing cleft was unusually tight, and there wasn't the slightest hint of body hair peeping out at the junction of her thighs as a distraction from the rich array of smooth, white flesh.
   No longer able to ignore the growing itch in her palms, Elspeth moved her right hand on to the nearer thigh and smoothed it upwards, lingered at the fold, and then stroked over both mounds, fairly briskly but without undue haste. Satisfied that Sophie's skin was as soft and smooth as it looked, she then tested the resilience of her naked flesh. She rested her hand on the top of the left cheek, the tips of her fingers briefly relishing the warmer and even softer skin in the cleft, and then pressed and squeezed, her eyes glued to the way the round buttock shifted under the pressure.
   She repeated the process twice, moving down to the base before treating the other side in the same way.
  By this stage Sophie's nervousness and resentment were beginning to conquer the numbing shock which sapped her resistance at the beginning. As Elspeth's hand roamed, she moaned and pressed her front into Elspeth's thighs in an instinctive attempt to reduce the prominence and size of her bottom.
   Elspeth realised that she was in danger of pushing Sophie too far so, slightly reluctantly, put her left hand on the small of her back, pressed down firmly, and started the spanking...

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