The Carrot and the Stick

The Carrot and the Stick
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ISBN:  9781907976360
Author:  C. P. Vanner
Word Count:  64,591
Format:  eBook



'Why do so many men like to spank a girl's bottom?' Beth asked.
   The female psychiatrist had not expected the question but was ready with an answer.
   'The female bottom is the most beautiful part of the human anatomy,' the psychiatrist said. 'It is the portal to paradise, to the hidden chambers of pleasure.'
   'But why spank it?' Beth persisted.
   'Power and dominance,' the psychiatrist said. 'The priapic male is the hunter, the submissive female the victim, the more submissive the better.'
   'Oh,' Beth said, disappointment in her voice. 'Is that all it is?'
   'No,' the psychiatrist said. 'That is not all. There is another hidden truth behind the obvious.'
   Beth was puzzled. 'What can that be?'
   'Come over here,' the psychiatrist said. 'And I will tell you. Lie over my lap and I will show you.'

What's a girl to do?

Ambitious Beth Forrester learned early the rewards success brings in the tough world of modern advertising. Now the pretty young lady is about to be taught the penalty of failure - a caning from her boss on her bare bottom.

After the carrot, the stick.

Beth accepts it is the price she must pay - and pay again and again - if she is going to get ahead in her chosen career. If trying to crack the glass ceiling of promotion means having her bottom spanked hard and often, then that is a cost she must bear.

What else is a girl to do?

Beth finds she's not alone; two girls she recruits into the business also have to learn the same painful lesson - that the price of success is the firm discipline of a bare bottom spanking.

Before the carrot, the stick.

'If you care to submit your resignation, I shall accept it.'
   At his words, Beth felt as if she had been punched in the stomach. Her knees were weak and she desperately needed to sit down, but Richard had not invited her to. She leant her fingers on a table covered with business magazines.
   'But...' she gasped. 'But I don't want to resign.'
   He looked grim. 'You should have thought of that before you started losing business. I warned you that this is a rough trade. There is no place for losers.'
   Beth shifted her feet but judged that this was not the right time to ask to sit down.
   Richard studied her, leaning back in his comfortable chair and toying with an ornate letter opener. She thought how very attractive he was even when he was stern and unbending. Especially when he was stern and unbending.
   'What on earth has happened to you?' he said, and she thought a little of the ice in his voice had melted. 'You're not the girl you were. You are not with it any more.'
   She hung her head and shifted her feet again.
   'So you don't want to resign?'
   'No,' she said, truly appalled at the thought. 'No, I don't. I really don't. Please give me another chance.
   'Please may I sit down?' she added, after a brief but tense silence.
   'No,' he said. The ice had not melted. He sat thinking for a moment or two.
   'You're dealing with the Rybix people, aren't you?' She nodded but he was already going on. 'Let that be your last chance; bring in that account, or else.'
   At his words she exhaled the breath she felt she'd been holding since entering the office. 'Thank you, Richard.' She had to hold herself back from running to him and kissing his hand. 'Thank you, I won't let you down. You won't be sorry.'
   She turned to go and he let her get almost to the door before he spoke. 'Where are you going?'
   She froze in her tracks. 'I thought... I thought we had finished.'
   He shook his head slowly and deliberately. 'The figures,' he said. 'The last half's figures. You lost this company almost half a million pounds.'
   'I'll make it up.' She was holding her breath again.
   'You need something to wake you up,' he went on, ignoring her. 'Now let's see. You brought in extra business worth two hundred thousand and you received a necklace worth seventeen and a half thousand. You lose business worth almost half a million so...' he appeared lost in thought, ' what do I do?'
   She hardly heard the question; she was marvelling at the cost of the necklace. She had no idea.
   'So what do I do?' he repeated sternly.
   'I don't know,' she replied meekly.
   'Carrots and sticks,' he said. 'Rewards and... and what?'
   She looked lost so he repeated it. 'Rewards and what?'
   'Punishment,' she whispered.
   'Yes, punishment.'
   'So what is this stick you are going to beat me with?' Beth asked, cringing because her nervousness made her words sound cheeky. 'A financial penalty? Extra work?'
   Richard looked up sharply. 'You think I'm joking?'
   'You're not?'
   In reply, he nodded towards a carved drinks sideboard against one wall. In former, more pleasant times she would have already been invited to fetch the vermouth bottle and two glasses from one of its cupboards.
   'You'll find what you are looking for over there,' he said.
   Beth was startled and flustered. Did he want her to get him a drink? On unsteady legs she approached the sideboard and noticed immediately the only thing on its polished surface. How had she not noticed it before? It was as thin and as sinister as a snake basking in the evening sun. A cane. A bamboo cane about four feet long, the dull yellow of the bamboo standing out clearly against the polished redwood. She picked it up as if it would bite and looked at him questioningly.
   'Carrots and sticks,' he said.
   'You can't... you can't mean...' Her voice was little more than a croak. She tried to sound flippant, to lighten the atmosphere. 'What am I supposed to do, hold out my hand or something?'
   He smiled faintly. 'Or something, I think,' he said. 'Not your hand but some other part of your anatomy.'
   'You mean...' She was again unable to bend her tongue around the words. 'You mean... my bottom?'
   'It is customary, I believe.' He nodded to himself. 'Especially for naughty girls.' She stared at him mutely, so he continued, without smiling. 'If you care to submit your resignation, I shall accept it.'
   'But I don't want to resign,' she expostulated without thinking and then, a second later, realised what she had said. She had made up her mind without thinking. She would rather be caned than lose her job. She found she was still holding the cruel implement of punishment in her hands - and without another word she offered it to him.
   As she did so something extraordinary happened inside her. Her body became disconnected from her brain. In her mind she felt only dread, even fear, but her body interpreted the situation differently. Waves of warmth began to ripple outwards from her groin, suffusing her from top to toe. Like waves hitting a rock on the shore, the ripples doubled back on themselves until she felt almost giddy. Her knees were even weaker than before and she thought she might fall. She realised with shame, amazement and an intense thrill that she was very sexually aroused.
   So powerful were the emotions she imagined they must show and that Richard would read her mind. She pressed her thighs firmly together under her skirt. There was nothing she could do about the blush on her cheeks or the unusual brightness of her eyes. She wished she had time to fathom out what had happened to her. It was almost as if, by offering Richard the cane, she had unlocked a hidden passion. And with this thought came a sense of déjà vu, that it had happened this way before and that it was right.
   Richard was studying her closely. 'Do I gather you accept your punishment?'
   Beth held her head up. 'Yes,' she said. 'So long as it is administered by you.'
   He nodded. 'It won't be easy for you,' he said. 'And it won't be over quickly. Somehow I have to work out a punishment worth double the value of the necklace. That's a lot of punishment.' He paused and then sat forward. 'So here is what I propose; I punish you as often as I want, in any way I want, and at any time I want for a month. A month today it will be over. You will have paid your penalty. Is that reasonable?'
   'Yes, I suppose it is,' Beth said quietly. 'And when would you like start?'
   'I can see no point in putting it off,' he said, and she held her breath again. 'Check and make sure the office is empty and then return here. I shall cane you as if I was the headmaster of a girls' school and you have been sent to me because of some breaking of the rules.'
   'Yes, sir,' she said, somewhat taken aback by this last statement.
   But Beth was glad to use her legs again and to have a moment to herself. She flitted around the office trying to calm herself and to work out what was happening. He was actually going to cane her on her bottom. Her bottom. Would he expect her to be naked? How many strokes would he give her? Could she take it? Would he make sexual advances as well? And if he did, what would she do?
   Her thoughts tumbled over themselves, questions but no answers. The excitement was overwhelming; she dreaded the ordeal, the expected pain and the humiliation, but at the same time she wanted to submit to the man. She wanted him to chastise her, to use her, to debase her. It was as if she was taking part in a film, a pornographic film that had reeled through her mind at night when she took the solace of a lonely single girl lying in bed with her hand between her thighs. He had mastered her then; he was to master her now.
   Richard stood with the cane in his hands when she returned without knocking to his office. She stood demurely in the middle of the floor, her feet together and her hands clasped in front of her. 'I have come to be punished, sir,' she said.
   He sat on the edge of his desk. 'Remove your skirt and top,' he commanded.
   Slowly and carefully she undid her jacket and skirt, slipping them off and placing them neatly on a chair against the wall.
   'And the blouse,' he said.
   With unsteady fingers she unbuttoned the blouse and placed it on the suit before resuming her position. She knew well the figure she presented; she had admired it often enough in the mirror in her bedroom.
   Despite her trepidation, Beth felt proud as he looked her over deliberately, from head to toe. He took his time absorbing her innocent beauty. She knew well what he could see; high heels the colour of apricots, long, bare, brown legs, skimpy peach-coloured knickers through which a faint shadow of pubic hair could just be seen. A flat and deliciously toned stomach that led up to the matching peach bra, which encased and displayed her magnificent breasts; breasts - she had been told - as enticing to lick and gorge on as ice creams on a sweltering day. Above them her slender throat and impish face, made to smile but unsmiling now, and her soft fair hair.
   'Turn around,' he said. She did as she was told, standing straight, knowing he would be looking at her bottom and knowing too that he should like what he saw. It was firm and round, the cleft between the cheeks emphasised by the hug of her knickers. Any moment now, she thought. Any moment now he'd tell her to take her knickers off.
   She heard the swish of the cane. He was swinging it as he approached her. He stopped in front of her and placing his free hand under her chin, tipped up her face to look her in the eyes. She felt again the warm ripples flowing outwards from her sex and a dampness between her legs.
   'Beth,' he said, 'I am going to give you six strokes of the cane. Bend over and touch your toes.'

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An entertaining and sexy read
Monday, 7 March 2011  | 

This is one of the best books of this type I have ever read. A sexy and humorous read with characters you can really care about. I have read it several times already and could never find it boring. If only all jobs could be like that! ;o)

Best book of this type
Wednesday, 9 February 2011  | 

I love erotic spanking stories and have many in my collection. But this is one of the very best I have read. The sexiest characters and some of the best spanking scenes I have come across. The story is good throughout and never flags. If only work could really be this fun. I reccommend this book to anyone who likes this subject!

Lighthearted and sexy
Thursday, 17 June 2010  | 

The Carrot and The Stick is lighthearted erotica and all the more sexy for that. The girls may spend more time over their bosses' knees than at their desks, but they're not complaining, especially when it is the price of advancement in the cutthroat world of London advertising.

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