As well as continuing our high standards of publishing erotic novels and erotic short stories, with gorgeous damsels in distress, tales of domination and submission, S&M, spanking, BDSM, and erotica for women, one of Chimera Books' main priorities is to provide an easy, efficient and friendly service for our customers to enjoy. We know some of you may initially be a little unsure about purchasing goods online, so we do our best to give that little bit extra to allay any uncertainties. Below are some genuine comments from contented Chimera Books customers:

"The service was excellent and fast thank you so much." IB

"A gem of a website, is Chimera Books. With loads of fantastic books to choose from, and all of which are reasonably priced. Well done Chimera Books!!!" John O

"Thanks for those replacements and thank you for your tolerance. The books are now safely stored on my iPad and on my computer.  It is always a pleasure to deal with you." Alan W

"Great to deal with you as always, many thanks." Julie A

"I've always received a very good service from Chimera Books. When I had problems downloading ebooks the help I received was excellent you couldn't do enough for me. I will be a returning customer for years to come. Thanks Again." Vanessa Curtis

"I've found the general service of chimera ebooks to be excellent. Purchasing these ebooks has been an easy and quick experience. Purchasing the books I wanted and having them to read within seconds. Can't beat that service!  Excellent. Will be returning for more." Stu

"Hello dear Chimera team. First of all - a great thank you for your fantastic work! It is always a pleasure to visit your shop." Katrin

"I have never experienced any problem with your site. Your customer service is beyond reproach. I wish you the very best." C. Campbell, Jnr

"I have enjoyed a remarkable service from Chimera and I list, in particular, the following issues:
1. I was delighted to get answers to my queries from an individual who seemed to understand my problem and showed a general interest in solving it and providing a direct line of communication.
2. I was surprised to see that Chimera had a workable Kindle format.
3. With a little help from my friendly contact, I realised that I could save my download on my computer and copy the file directly from downloads to my Kindle without fuss or problems.
4. When Chimera offers special prices, they are not only exclusive to Chimera customers but they are also low enough to be irresistible. Overall, congratulations on a superb and unique service. Regards,"  Alan W

"Great service, very good books, have a great new year." J. Rutland

"B. A. Bradbury is my favorite Chimera author, so I was very happy to see something new by him (Hard Strokes)." J. Gillies

"I am enjoying the books purchased from you and your unusually-helpful attitude. After dealing with other websites your service is a very welcome change." Alan W

"Wow! A helpful web-site. Thank you very much." Alan W

"Thank you for a first rate service. Will order again after I have read the last ones." Barry

"It is always a pleasure to do business with companies of your calibre." F. B.

"I have just received my first book and I am amazed by the quality of the story. I have appreciated you keeping me in informed about the shipping and the courtesy of your e-mails. Your web site is easy to use; the deals are incredible. Your customer for life." Malwina

"Excellent books and extremely rapid receipt of them. Far sooner than I expected. Thank you so much and keep those great titles coming." Tom

"Your service is prompt and accurate. I rate it very highly. Thank you!" Lance

"Ordered E-book, arrived within minutes, just had to download and ready for reading. Very quick and simple and book was a very good read. Thanks for simple to use service." Anthony

"Thank you for my order. It was great to receive my purchase quickly and unnoticed to the public. I will be coming back for more good products. Keep up the good work." Tracey

"I am very satisfied with my purchase, the service was excellent thank you. I will be making more purchases in the future." Jerry

"I'm a happy costumer and as such, a returning customer." Mats

"I repeatedly buy books through your site and I really like the service you provide: it's a real bonus compared to many other book retailers where you may order but you deal with a computer that is not built to treat any unusual request. Recently I ordered a book and realized you had already just sent it to me. A simple e-mail and you cancelled the order! I'll return soon!" Dan

"The books were received in good time & I am very happy with Chimera's service." Peter

"I find your website easy to use (especially now that it saves items in your shopping basket if you log out and come back later!) and the books also arrive promptly. I also like the fact that I can pay via Paypal which is very convenient and more secure. All round, very good service levels – keep it up!" J. Gulliver

"Hello, just to say I received my books today and I would like to thank you for an excellent service all round. Until the next time, thanks again." P. Johnson

"Service perfect. The internal search engine is convenient, the communication with the staff is stylish, and I have stopped purchasing English erotic books from any other sources." Dan

"I received my book order quickly and in good order, thank you. I appreciated being kept informed of my order's progress." A. Helm

"Amazing speed of order fulfilment! Second to none!" A. W.

"Will use again."It is great to see terrific customer service is alive and well at Chimera." Terry

"This is just to say that I have never come across a better customer service dept before. Not only did you answer my email questions in a language I could understand but sorted it straight away. When phoning I also found a genuine concern about a fault I had come across on your web site, and a friendly human to. This is indeed something to be proud of as most customer services depts hate customers, so congratulations on a five star customer service department. Your most happy customer." Bridgette Radford

"Hi Adrian - Thanks for clearing everything up. You are very good at what you do, and respond immediately on any customer issue." Brian E

"Dear Sir - Just a short note to say thank you, for your great list of erotic books. I have been buying Chimera at W.H.Smiths for a long time, but they don't always have what your book list has to offer. I would like to say thank you for the books that I have bought off yourselves, and look forward to buying many more. Would recommend you to anyone. Great service both on the phone and delivery." D. Sykes

"Dear Adrian - I received the books yesterday. I am impressed with the speed in which they were delivered. I think your books are top class and will enter my comments in your referrals. Thanks again." B. Yates

"Adrian - Thanks to your excellent Customer Service, I am pleased to say that the issue has been resolved, and that the download was successful. Thanks again for following up. My apologies for the inconvenience." Shannon

"Dear Chimera - Thank you for my last order, all of the books were very good and exciting. Thanks." D. Turner (Miss)

"Chimera Books have a very enjoyable range of adult book downloads. Do keep up the good work. Appreciations and best wishes." F. Douglas, Merseyside

"Chimera Books are fantastic! Keep up the good work." Nick

"Love the layout of the Chimera site. It is very tempting and chic. It makes me not want to leave." Julie

"I really enjoy Chimera's website as it's easy to use. Being able to read extracts is great, as it means I can choose the type of book I like best." Julie Milligan

"What an amazing website redesign! Congratulations. That must have been a lot of hard work. Jack

"Great range of erotic books and so easy. Chimera is the first choice for me." Claire Saunders

"I would like to congratulate you on your excellent erotic ebooks and state how much I enjoy reading them." W. Tolan

"I love the new Chimera website." Mary Vanecek

"Please send me your latest catalogue of the wonderful erotic books you supply. They are simply brilliant and I want to buy more!!" N. Osbourn

"I've just read Rectory of Correction, and am extremely impressed. Please congratulate Amanita Virosa for a beautifully written and highly imaginative novel." J. Ritterman

"Congratulations on a really great website. I love your erotic fiction and enjoy the fact that each Chimera book contains a story." C. J. Mayo

"In my view Epiphany is one of the best erotic books Chimera have published, on a par with Rectory of Correction, Hall of Infamy and Damsels in Distress." Peter Jackson

"I have greatly enjoyed your extremely erotic book Of Pain and Delight." Kristina McKenna

"I absolutely loved Flesh & Blood by John Argus, especially the heroine, Detective Leah MacInnes." Keith Bird

"I order every erotic book you publish." Mr Sandland

"Thanks for your speedy delivery of gorgeously erotic books. They really get me on 'heat'. Most delightful!" Kristina McKenna

"Devlin O'Neill (A Maid for All Seasons) weaves a wickedly charming tale that's a delight for any spanking enthusiast." Rachel McIntyre

"Great web site, and great erotic ebooks as always. Keep up the good work." Jo Mac

"I really love Chimera erotic books. They really turn me on. It's the truth - thank you!!!" Andre

"Chimera are currently putting the rest of the erotic fiction publishers to shame with a great range of erotic books." Jade Magazine

"Another first class offering from Chimera (Annabelle by Winifred Aire), leading the field in erotic fiction by a mile." Jade Magazine

"Please convey my congratulations to Laurel Aspen for writing a superbly erotic spanking compilation (School Reunion)." Mr D. Young

"I love Chimera's erotic books." Shirley Rees

"Please send me your latest catalogue. I recently bought some of your erotic books and was delighted with them. They are gorgeously sexy." Ken McKenna

"Thank you for your excellent service over the last 18 months." A. Thurtell

"I love Chimera books for exciting reading entertainment. I am a voracious reader. I am a real Chimera fan." Dr B. M. Khapali

"I like erotic books well written, and my desire is fully met by Chimera." Manel Sanchez i Ruiz

"I've just really, really enjoyed Chimera's adult book download The Piano Teacher by Sophie Elliot." John Potter

"Epiphany, by S. C. Gibson, is spanking good fun all round." Liz Coldwell

"I love very much reading Chimera books." Fontana Alberto

"Dear Chimera Books, very many thanks for arranging such a speedy delivery of your erotic books." R. Wilkinson

"I just lurve Chimera Books' adult book downloads." Danny. D

"I've now got a very naughty collection of Chimera's erotic spanking ebooks." Susie

"I have just read and really enjoyed Epiphany, and would like to read more of your erotic books." Peter Berger

"Chimera's ebook service is most efficient." Mr Harrison

"I've just read and really enjoyed your excellent erotic book Memoirs of a Courtesan by Roxane Beaufort." M. Thomson

"I have just read one of your erotic books, Dangerous Inheritance by Valerie Saxon, and thoroughly enjoyed it." Mrs M. Channing

"Please send a copy of your latest catalogue featuring your delightfully erotic books." Kristina

"I enjoy your erotic books very much." C. Appleton

"I appreciate your very good service." B. White

"Your service is excellent." A. Thurtell

"Your erotic books are great reading." R. Gilroy

"It's great to have a wide range of erotic books with differnet stories to choose from." Vicky Blunden

"I recently read one of your adult fiction novels, Saxon Slave, which was thoroughly enjoyed." A. Cartmell

"I have read several Chimera ebooks and enjoyed them very much." Kevin Mitchell

"I find Chimera Books adult book downloads delightfully erotic!" Kristina McKenna

"Chimera provide a very good adult book downloads service." T. P. Carpenter

"I downloaded my ebooks immediately after I receive the confirmation and only can say that the service is great." Jose

"Your books would make excellent adult erotic films." Mr B. Hesketh

"Thanks to your kind and quick response I downloaded my ebook." B. Nanao

"I really enjoyed School Reunion, Kissing Velvet, The Bottom Line, Bad Girls, Managing Mrs Burton, Damsels in Distress, Bouquet of Bamboo and School for Nurses." D. M. Wilmott

"My faith in Chimera Books is still there for efficient, polite service." A. Thurtell

"I have read and enjoyed several Chimera adult fiction books and look forward to reading more of them." John McCloskey

"I can't think of a better company to order erotic books from. Don't even bother looking anywhere else. You want the best you've found it." Stuart Mcbride

"You have a very good web site." Abdallh Sliman

"I'm really pleased to win a free book from Chimera. It'll come in handy on these cold winter nights!" A. Bartlett

"Chimera Books offers a great collection of erotic ebooks that are extremely captivating." Valerie Lemoine

"Please keep on with the Historical Erotica. My wife and I love them in your ebooks as it means we do not have to have to store them. THANKS." Brian Thrower

"Super fast delivery and great comms. I'm a 100% satisfied customer." Phil Graham

"My order has arrived. Thank you, Chimera, for such a quick service." Walter