We publish erotic ebooks – novel length erotic stories and collections of shorter erotic stories – from some of the world’s leading erotica authors.

We’re also constantly on the lookout for imaginative new talent, so if you’d like to submit an erotic story or a collection of shorter erotic stories to us we’d be delighted to take a look. Initially we require at least one chapter and a synopsis, and the following guidelines for erotica authors contains more details on what to submit to us.


  • Send as an email attachment to info@chimerabooks.co.uk.
  • Indicate breaks between sections within chapters by leaving one extra line of space.
  • Use three points (…) to indicate unfinished sentences, and a dash (-) to indicate a sentence interrupted or terminated abruptly.
  • Indicate dialogue with single quotation marks (‘). Double quotation marks (“) should be used to denote figures of speech or quotations within dialogue.
  • Type titles (Mr, Mrs, Dr) and acronyms without stops.
  • Spell accurately. Use the spell-check on your word processor.
  • Use italics for emphasis, foreign words and phrases (except proper names, buildings and institutions), names of books, magazines, plays and musical works.
  • No apostrophes in phone, plane, bus, eighties, nineties, flu, 1920s, PCs etc.
  • Do not use capitals for sir, madam, miss, count, duke etc (except when a title – e.g. ‘Sir John Smith’).
  • Use hyphens for composite adjectives (e.g. bitter-sweet, red-gold); do not use hyphens for ‘ly’ endings (e.g. ‘fully dressed’, not ‘fully-dressed’) or adverbs, except for ‘well’, ‘ill’, ‘new’ and ‘old’ when used before a noun (e.g. old-fashioned, well-known).
  • When supplying the work merge the chapters into one document, and not separate files for each chapter.
  • Do not insert headers or footers, or page breaks between chapters or between scenes. In fact, keep any formatting to an absolute minimum.

Required Themes

  • Your erotic story or shorter erotic stories should contain a plot built around our niche, although needless to say all content must be legal and conform to our ‘Limits’ list below. We publish erotic stories with submissive damsels in distress being pursued and seduced by dominant men and women. This theme should be used as an integral ingredient of the plot and to enhance imaginative and exciting sex using varied methods, clothing, toys/implements, and settings.
  • Any era and location can be used for your work, but be careful to be accurate with detail.
  • Your erotic story must take the reader into a sensual and highly stimulating fantasy – escapist yet believable. Quite simply, you are writing to arouse the reader.
  • Be careful with viewpoint characters; you can change viewpoint from chapter to chapter or scene to scene, but do not change in mid-scene.
  • Limit the use of obscene words when describing the anatomy. Obscene words are not necessarily erotic.
  • Do not send us a humorous novel. Humour does not work in the narrative of an erotic story, although characters can possess a sense of humour if and where appropriate.

What to Submit

If you’re submitting a full-length book the finished work should be around 65,000 words in length. However, as erotic ebooks are flexible we also want shorter works from as few as 5,000 words, either as a stand alone erotic story, or as a compilation of short erotic stories.

The Limits

  • All sex must be consensual. Although we publish stories of innocent damsels in distress subjected to domination and submission, be careful not to step over the line into the realms of rape. This and misogynism are not acceptable whatsoever.
  • No bestiality.
  • No underage sex.
  • No incest.
  • No skat (toilet stuff).
  • No branding.
  • No sexual acts that cause bloodshed, physical damage, or emotional anguish.

Contact Us

All submissions should be emailed as an attachment to info@chimerabooks.co.uk.

We look forward to receiving a sample of your erotic work soon – and good luck!