Our New Site is Launched!

Welcome! It’s taken a while – and even a couple of attempts we launched but quickly took down again because we just weren’t happy with them – but at last we’ve got a new site we’re really thrilled about, and we hope you will be too. And there’s a little welcome gift awaiting you at the end of this first post.

Our old site (www.chimerabooks.co.uk) is still active for the moment but will probably be coming down shortly, so please bookmark this one instead. The old site served its purpose well enough for a good number of years, efficiently allowing for browsing and buying our erotic ebooks, but it’s a bit limited whereas this new site gives us opportunities to offer so much more. And we have a number of plans to do just that…

So you can now buy our erotic ebooks here (they’re not all available yet, but we’re working to add them all as quickly as possible), and you’ll see that we’re also getting more and more of our titles available again as erotic paperbacks.

Our ebooks are still bought and downloaded directly from us, whereas paperbacks are linked through to Amazon. So if you do still like the feel of a paperback while you’re reading and fancy buying one (or many!) each book’s Buy From Amazon button will take you through to Amazon.co.uk. If you have an account at a different regional Amazon site you’ll then be taken to it when you log in to complete your order. If you have any questions regarding buying paperbacks you should find an answer in our FAQs. If you don’t see what you want to know just drop us an email and we’ll help you out.

All our ebooks continue to be available in ePub and Kindle formats, but no longer PDF. You can read a little more about ebook formats here (including where to download the free ebook readers for ePub and/or Kindle), but this is essentially because ePub and Kindle are specifically designed for flowing text-orientated books, whereas PDFs are really more for books or documents with images and fixed, structured layouts. As it happens we do have plans simmering to publish a number of our titles with images, as erotic graphic novels, but that’s for another day… ;o)

If you have an existing customer account at www.chimerabooks.co.uk it won’t apply to this site. You can browse and buy here without an account, but if you’d like one you’ll be prompted to create it whilst placing an order and going through the checkout process.

Now we’re launched afresh we aim to get back to releasing new titles (something we’ve not had the time to do for a while), and hopefully developing the other ideas we have to make this a really exciting place to enjoy, with lots of erotic content other than just books. So please take a mooch around, and if you have any suggestions or thoughts on what we’ve created thus far just pop a comment down below or send us an email. We’d be delighted to hear from you.

Oh yes, the welcome gift I mentioned above; if you place your first order on this our new site and use coupon code* sitelaunch2017 during checkout you’ll receive a 50% discount!

(*Does not apply to ebooks on sale or paperbacks)

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